Jennifer Rock, the Skin Nerd, founder and CEO of Skingredients

Jennifer Rock, the Skin Nerd, founder and CEO of Skingredients

When I started Skingredients three years ago, it was born out of over 10,000 Skin Nerd consultations. People kept asking the same questions about what to use, what not to use, how to use it. Those questions really informed what Skingredients is.

We offer a capsule skincare of just seven pieces and our ‘Key Four’ are what you use every day. Clients want simple, affordable, sustainable skincare that’s not oversold or misleading and that’s what we do.

We make our products from scratch and our focus is on having the right level of ingredients to match salon or cosmeceutical ranges. We have a resident cosmetic chemist, and she formulates the products and makes sure, when they are manufactured, that they meet our standards.


In my opinion, Skingredients Skin Protein is a game-changer product, and our customers seem to feel the same. It is retinoid based, which means it has a pro-ageing benefit, but in a formula that your skin can adapt to quite easily. Also, it’s a face cream, an eye cream and a neck cream, so it’s cost-effective, too. When you commit to it, it’s the product that has the biggest impact. With our Skin Veg Serum, you see an instant effect, but with Skin Protein, it takes a commitment of at least 30 days, and then you get the big impact. With Skin Protein, it’s a labour of love. Our customers don’t go anywhere else because they are committed to the results.

Jennifer Rock

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