PrEP- The Other Little Blue Pill – BLOG Update

PrEP- The Other Little Blue Pill – BLOG Update

Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the HSE are still running their PrEP Services and have outreach services available in several areas of the country. If you are thinking about starting PrEP, a full list of approved PrEP service providers is available online at

Like with all Healthcare Services, PrEP services have had to adapt during the Covid-19 Pandemic. All appointments are booked in advance and when attending a clinic you will be provided with your follow-up appointment in three months on the day. It is really important for your health that you attend all appointments. This also helps to relieve the pressure on the service providers and allows others to get the support and advice they need.

Your McCauley Pharmacy can help you at all stages of your PrEP Journey. You can leave your script with them, and they will ensure that they have the stock of PrEP for you each month. Our McCauley Pharmacists can help you in signing up for a Drug Payment Scheme Card via the HSE. If you are eligible and have a Medical or Drug Payments Card, PrEP can be provided by our pharmacists free of charge each month. More information of the Drug Payment Scheme can be found at Drugs Payment Scheme card –

There is now more and more research being completed on the best way to take PrEP. If you are already taking PrEP, your regime can be individualised to best suit your needs. This can be daily dosing or Event Based Dosing. Before making any changes to your regime we encourage you to have a discussion with your prescriber at your next appointment. More information on ‘How to take PrEP?’, ‘Missed Doses’ and ‘Changing your regime’ can be found at How to take PrEP –

While so much in society has changed over the last two years, our advice remains the same- Get yourself checked, talk to the experts if you need advice, keep your appointments and make sure your pharmacist and doctor has as much information as possible to support you through your PrEP Journey.

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