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Lena Wrenn is a well known blogger, also known as ‘Thanks Hun Penneys’ and mum of two – to seven year old Theo and little Libby, who has recently turned one years old. Now, at 35 weeks pregnant, and inching closer to her due date, Lena already has her hospital bag essentials. Between her previous experiences with her son and daughter, as well as a host of helpful tips and advice that she’s received from her followers, Lena shares her ultimate hospital bag list with us, making sure she packs some NUK essentials in there too!

Maternity Hospital bag

I know the packing of the hospital bag can be quite overwhelming and daunting. So much so, that I didn’t have it packed when I went into labour 4 weeks early on my first baby. As I was already in the hospital when I went into labour, I didn’t have the luxury of packing it myself at home and had to send a relative to my house to get everything. After that, I learned my lesson and have been prepared for the following two births with plenty of time. I write this post taking two previous births into consideration and remembering the things I forgot and the things I didn’t need.

Top Tip:

I separate my bags into:

  1. Bag for me
  2. Bag for baby
  3. Labour ward bag

This makes it easier for my partner to access it if I can’t. I have everything labelled too – It helps make finding necessary items easier!


My Labour Bag:

  1. Nightdress for labour
  2. Flip flops
  3. Dark towel
  4. Maternity pads (you can ask for these in your local pharmacy)
  5. Large pants
  6. Bottle/flask of water
  7. Shower bag with toiletries- toothpaste, bobbins, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, cap, facecloth etc. (all available at McCauley.ie)
  8. Baby’s first outfit- sleepsuit, vest, hat, socks, nappy.


My bag:

  1. 2 x pairs of Button-down PJs
  2. Light dressing gown
  3. Slippers
  4. Maternity pads
  5. Breast pads (These Lansinoh Nursing Pads are great)
  6. 2 x packs large dark knickers
  7. Bag for laundry
  8. Comfy going home outfit
  9. Toiletries bag- toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, wipes, dry shampoo, hairbrush, hand sanitiser, make up etc. (all available at McCauley.ie)


The Baby Bag:

  1. Nappies
  2. Baby wipes (Try Aveeno or Water Wipes are our FAV)
  3. Newborn soothers (I have some from NUK packed, always my go to!) Check out McCauley’s HUGE range of NUK Soothers HERE!
  4. 8 x sleepsuits
  5. 8 x vests
  6. 8 x socks
  7. 4 x hats
  8. Cellular blanket
  9. Baby towel


AND The Last minute hospital pack:

  1. Charger
  2. Power bank
  3. Earphones
  4. Book/tablet (download movies/series to tablet)
  5. Snacks
  6. Decent coffee!


Optional extras

  • Partner’s bag- toiletries, spare top, toothbrush


All of the above are what I’ve packed in my bags this time. I’ll also briefly go through my bags with my partner in the (extremely optimistic) event he remembers what I need from where when I’m not physically able to get them myself.

But I hope that these small tips will give you some help in getting organised while you’re waiting on your new bundle of love to arrive.


Lena, Thanks Hun Penneys xoxo


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