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Research has shown that sexual wellbeing can increase self-confidence and give you a deeper knowledge about your intimate health… but still, people often find it a subject that’s hard to talk about. It’s understandable, it can be a little awkward. Sexual wellbeing is a complex part of human nature, and it’s still seen as a very private thing, so talking about it doesn’t come natural to everyone – and that’s perfectly understandable!

But sexual wellbeing is wellbeing, and sexual health is health, and we know that a holistic approach to wellbeing means looking at every part of what makes us healthy and happy. So let’s talk about sexual wellbeing, and the products that we can use to help us take care of our sexual wellbeing.


Exploring the world of sex products

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And since we’re about health and wellness, we thought we might let you know just some of the great benefits you can get from introducing a few of their products into your life.

Let’s take a look at just how beneficial sex products can actually be:


Sex products and Stress

Couldn’t we all do with a little less stress in our lives? The fact is that sex toys exist to give us orgasms, and they tend to be very good at their job. Orgasms are wonderful, powerful things. They feel absolutely amazing in the moment of course, but on top of that, when we climax our bodies release the very best chemicals they have – serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. Those are our ‘feel-good’ hormones, and they’re linked to increased feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Regular orgasms mean regular boosts of those hormones, and that means more regular feelings of positivity rather than stress.


They help keep our hearts healthy

Ok, we’re not going to make any very wild claims here, because orgasms alone cannot work magic…BUT masturbation, sex and orgasms all get the blood pumping, which is good for you. It helps keep your heart healthy and even reduces your chances of weight gain, and of getting type 2 diabetes. There have even been studies in men and women that show better heart health among people who have more orgasms. Of course it’s not the same as going for a daily run and eating a wholefood diet, but when it’s part of an overall healthy and mindful life? Think of it as a very sexy little cherry on top of the cake of life.


They help with period pain (and pain in general)

Women who suffer from cramps every month know how upsetting and debilitating they can be, sometimes to the point that painkillers are useless. But for many women, regular orgasms, through partner sex or masturbation, are the best and most reliable defence. All those happy hormones we just talked about? They are natural, built-in pain relievers that will mask your cramps while you bask in the post-O glow. In addition to that, orgasms increase blood flow to the uterus which can physically help to alleviate pain too, as well as giving you a stronger and more mind-blowing orgasm. It’s really win-win.


You’ll sleep better

There’s another hormone that your body releases when you orgasm, and it’s called ‘prolactin’. Prolactin is a sleep hormone that helps you have better REM sleep, and when it’s flooding your system along with all the other lovely hormones that a good orgasm releases, it puts you in prime position for a wonderful night’s sleep. Studies have also found that the bigger and better the orgasm, the more prolactin is released – so get your very best toys out, whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, and make your nightly sleep routine a little more effective and a lot more enjoyable!


Your sex life will improve

Here’s the thing: sex products are not just for self-pleasure. They are a lovely and exciting addition to partnered sex too, and using sex products in the bedroom with your significant other can lead to better, more varied, more exciting and more satisfactory sex. As well as being a sexy little novelty in themselves, they can also help couples discover what really works for them (and what doesn’t), extend foreplay, and even foster a whole new type of communication in the bedroom. Better communication and better sex can contribute to a better relationship overall, so it’s really worth introducing a few props with your partners.


They help with the menopause

In lots of ways. Not only is there evidence that orgasms lead to an improvement in night-time hot flashes, sweating and overall sleep quality, but there’s emerging evidence that slim vibrators, used with plenty of good quality lubricant, can improve symptoms of some vaginal conditions associated with menopause. The act of ‘holding’ onto the vibrator is an exercise in itself, and the fluids that your vagina produces are important in keeping the walls of the vagina healthy and with good elasticity. A slim vibrator can also help to stretch vaginal tissues (also helpful for those with vaginismus) to help make previously painful sex pain free.  The increase in blood flow to the area is generally great for nerve stimulation, muscle toning, healing and lubrication.


And to be honest, even with all the health benefits we listed, and with all the science and research that tells us how important sex and orgasms are to our wellbeing, this is the one that really matters. Orgasms feel good. They are pleasurable and relaxing, and you deserve to feel pleasured and relaxed. So go find that sex product that works for you, make some time to make yourself feel amazing!


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