The Fit Gifts: What to get your friends who work out

We all know fitness people… lots of us are fitness people. And if there’s one thing we know about people who love to work out, train, hit the gym, beat their PBs, and generally  ‘just do it’, it’s that they love the accoutrements of fitness. From the loveliest gymwear and the best fitness apps, all the way through to the best/cutest water bottles, there’s no end to accessories that are beloved by the #fitfam. 


This is both good and bad news when it comes to buying gifts for your fit friends… the good news is, you know they’ll love a gift that helps them with their fitness goals. The bad? Well, with so many gadgets out there it can be hard to know where to start, especially for the people who seem to have everything. So to help you get the perfect present for the fitness lovers in your life, we’ve put together a handy guide that includes the more obvious ‘get fit’ gifts, as well as the ones you might not have thought of – for the fitness lover who thinks they have everything they need!


Get tracking: The Fitbit

Pretty much everyone has heard of Fitbits by now – they’re one of the biggest names in fitness wearables with some of the most accurate and reliable tracking for your health, fitness and wellness.  We have a range of their models available, and at the time of publishing there’s a €20 (10%) price drop on the Versa 2 model in either black or petal (a very pretty pale pink), Was €199.95 Now €179.95 


Who to buy for:

Your fitness lovers in your life who don’t yet have a tracker, or anyone who’s at the start of a fitness journey and who needs some encouragement and insight into the great work they’re doing for themselves!

Fitbit prices start at €99.95 

Click here to shop the full Fitbit collection 


Get banded: Let’s bands – Quality at-home workout essentials

So the gyms are closed and we’re all about those home workouts now – but to get a proper, effective session in, it’s good to have some equipment to help give some resistance. The Let’s Bands sets are perfect, compact gym gear that will help build strength or increase flexibility, while tucking away neatly under the couch or in a cupboard when you’re done with them. Choose from a range of sets to meet different needs

Who to buy for:

Anyone who’s trying to build a little booty in their living room during this lockdown!

Our Let’s Bands workout sets start at €17

Click here to buy now! 


Get hydrated: Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker

For anyone who loves sparkling water, Sodastream is the gift that keeps on giving. Give them the means to make their own sparkling water from the comfort of their own kitchen, to help them stay hydrated, save money, and avoid buying endless plastic bottles just to get their fizzy fix! 

Who to buy it for:

Good for people and for the planet, this is the perfect gift for a fitness fanatic who thinks they have it all. 

Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker – Jet Mega Pack €89.99

The Megapack includes: 1 JET SodaStream Machine, 1 Reusable SodaStream Carb Bottle 1L, 2 Reusable SodaStream Carb Bottle 0.5L and 1 SodaStream CO2 Gas Cylinder (each cylinder produces up to 60litres of Sodastream Sparkling Drinks)

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Get Juicing: Salter Nutripro Red 1200W V2 Blender 

For nutrition nuts who want to get as many fruits and veggies in as they possibly can, the Nutripro blender is heaven-sent. It’s an award winning blender that will give you the smoothest smoothies you’ve ever tasted while locking in all the fibre, vitamins and minerals in every ingredient.

Who to buy it for:

Anyone who cares about getting the best from what fruits and veg they eat… or who just wants to make unbeatable hummus at home!

Salter Nutripro Red 1200W V2 Blender in on sale NOW! Was €129.95 Now €79.95

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Get connected: Wireless Earbuds 

With gyms closed (and… well, everything else too), a lot of us have taken to long walks this year, and there are lots of new joggers on the streets too. Anyone who’s used to pounding the pavements will tell you the value of a set of wireless headphones… no annoying cable dangling from you, and you can safely tuck your phone away while you get the kms in. These are a perfect set that have great quality and battery life (without the eye-watering price tag of the apple airpods!). 

Who to buy for:

These are perfect for walkers, joggers and gym-head of all kinds, but particularly for someone starting their health journey.

Our Streetz Wireless Earbuds are currently on sale. Was €39.95 Now €24.95

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Get Cooking: Healthy Cook books

If there’s one thing we’re doing an awful lot more of this year it’s cooking at home, which is great… as long as it’s not all full of butter, fats, and sugars. The problem is making gorgeous food that tastes good without all the fats and sugars can be a challenge! A decent healthy cookbook that helps people make delicious dishes that are as good for your health as your tastebuds is the perfect solution. We have a range of cookbooks that do just that, and what’s more they’re written by some of our fav Irish chefs! 

Who to buy for:

Whether they’re a dab hand in the kitchen or they need a little help and guidance, these cookbooks will bring something new to the table.

Our delicious cookbook range starts at €19.99

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Get rested: Sleep Gift sets

Fitness people know the importance of recovery and rest, for the body and the mind. Sleep is where that happens, and a good sleep routine is the cornerstone of good health. This Works understand that good sleep is everything, so they’ve created a range of sleep-aids from pillow- and skin-sprays to calming rollers, to help you get the 8 hours minimum that you need to be at your best. 

Who to buy for:

If you know someone who has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, or maybe deals with a lot of stress, this stuff is the perfect gift 

This Works Space To Dream Set €47.00

The Set Contains: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Deep Sleep Bath Soak, Sleep Balm, Deep Sleep Breathe In.

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