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This year has brought with it a lot of upheaval already, and now, coming up to Christmas, we find ourselves in full lockdown again. It’s hard for everyone, and we’re doing our best to be here for our customers with as little disruption as possible – you can find a quick guide to the best ways to use our services at the bottom of this article. But one thing that’s shining through yet again during this second lockdown is the great effort that the people of Ireland make to stick together and support each other. As an Irish company, the community drive to buy Irish and support homegrown business is so wonderful to see, and it’s been a huge help to us during the year – we appreciate our customers so much.

So, to do our part in promoting homegrown excellence (and maybe helping you to tick a few items off your Christmas list), let us introduce you to some of our very favourite Irish beauty and skincare superstars, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or you’re looking for the perfect present to give this Christmas. 

Codex Beauty 

The story:

Codex beauty is a gorgeous, natural and sustainable brand that epitomises simple indulgence. The brand was set up when an entrepreneur and scientist from Silicon Valley met a trained herbalist from Tipperary. Their shared passion for natural, plant-based, sustainable, clean and conscious skincare led to Codex; a line of premium products that are scientifically backed, and that draw on the ancient traditions of herbalist medicine in Ireland.

Who to buy it for:  

Anyone who’s as serious about sustainability as they are about their skin, and who’d like a moisturiser to match their morals. Anyone with sensitive skin will love this brand too. Shop our full range of Codex Beauty including Christmas Gift Sets here.

Star products:

Codex Skin Superfood is a beautiful, light, nourishing and non-greasy moisturiser that suits skin of all types. But if you’re gifting this skincare to someone, why not introduce them to the full Codex range with a Discovery Set, or really treat them with our exclusive and currently discounted Codex bundle that includes three full-sized Codex products and a cute hand sanitizer.



The Story:

Drawing on the soothing, nourishing power of the sea and seaweed, Seavite came about when Patrick Mulrooney, a marine scientist, realised the healing effect that the Atlantic waters of West Ireland had on his daughter’s eczema. He decided to start bottling its goodness, and created a range of products with always-organic and naturally nutrient-rich seaweed extracts along with pure botanicals. His daughters – both medical doctors, with specialties in Clinical Dermatology – have continued his legacy and continue to bring new technology to tried tradition. 

Who to buy it for:

Seavite products are soothing and gentle for anyone suffering with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, but to be honest these products are ideal on all skin types. Gift Seavite to anyone who loves sea swimming and the sea, and who loves to take care of their skin! Shop the full range here.

Star products:

The Radiance Face Serum will leave your skin feeling plump, hydrated and deeply nourished, and for your body we love the luxurious Intense Moisture Body Cream. The Seavite Comfort Cleanser will leave your skin feeling fabulous too. 

Aimee Connelly

The Story:

After years of experience working within the industry as one of Ireland’s top make up artists, Aimee Connolly knew exactly which products she felt were missing from the market… so she decided to create them herself. Sculpted by Aimee is now an award-winning line of cosmetics and brushes, beautiful quality and most importantly – loved by people who love make up!

Who to buy it for:

Aimee Connolly is super well-known among young Irish women so you can’t go wrong giving to a cousin, sister, or niece… but anybody you know who loves to glam up and who appreciates good quality makeup will love this stuff. Shop the full range including our Christmas Gift Sets here.

Star Products:

The here. gift set is a firm favourite here in McCauley HQ, but if we had to choose two single products, it’s got to be the Hydrate & Hold spray (it’s one of the Skin Secrets) and the fab Liquid Lights highlight and blush set.

Pestle and Mortar

The Story

Pestle & Mortar co-founder, Sonia Deasy, was driven to find a skincare routine that was simple but super-effective – as a busy mum of five, her skin depended on it! So she did something about it. She combined the power of science with inspiration from her family’s legacy in Indian natural healing to create Pestle & Mortar – a beautiful, chic and multi-award winning brand of highly effective skincare that’s quickly gained cult status and has now made its way from Ireland to the shelves of Bloomingdale’s NYC.

Who to buy it for:

Skin nerds, skincare snobs, and skincare lovers of all kinds. This is a great brand for people who want high quality without the fuss. Men who moisturise love this brand too! Shop the full range including our Christmas Gift Sets here.

Star products:

Pestle and Mortar sets make for great gifts, and are the best way to get the most from their products. Our ‘Box of Stars’ set and ‘Cleanse Kit’ are firm favourites, but if we had to pick one star product, it has to be the Hyaluronic Serum

Shopping with McCauley during Level 5 Restrictions

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