Autumn Skin Routine From Codex Beauty

Autumn Skin Routine From Codex Beauty

This week’s blog post is written by Tracey Ryan, Managing Director of Codex Beauty Europe. We’re delighted to welcome Codex Beauty into the McCauley Family.


My role in Codex is as a formulator and the Managing Director of Codex Beauty Europe. I have a degree in Herbal Science and have been passionate about plants from a very early age. I’m so proud that we get to feature amazing native Irish plants such as Bog Myrtle, Elderflower and Mallow as well as our beautiful rich Seaweeds.

Codex Beauty is a collective of global skin care brands built on science, natural ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, sustainability, and consumer transparency. Our Bia line is the first range from Codex and is based on native Irish ingredients and the tradition of herbal medicine.

Going into Autumn it’s very important to keep your skin hydrated. The colder temperatures coupled with wind can have a dehydrating effect on your skin. In the Bia range we use lots of nourishing herbal oil infusions, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that will help keep your skin soft, plump and moisturised.

My ideal Autumn routine would be as follows…

First thing in the morning I love to use our Exfoliating Wash. Wet skin first for a gentler scrub or apply it on dry skin. Either way, this scrub is a lot gentler than most others; it’s more like a polish. The grains, made from Jojoba oil, are a wax, so there’s no roughness just effective light polishing. Castor, Thistle and Safflower oils draw grease and grime from the skin without drying it out.


Then pat on the Eye Gel Cream. This light cooling eye gel gives you an instant tightening effect due to the aloe vera gel and hydration from plant derived hyaluronic acid. Arnica-infused oil de-puffs the eyes by toning and improving circulation. I keep mine in the fridge so it’s extra cooling after a late night and helps revive tired eyes!


Then for an extra hydrating step, I layer the Facial Oil with the Skin Superfood. I apply the Facial Oil first. We choose thin and dry oils so that this elixir is well absorbed into the skin instead of collecting in the pores. A full range of vitamins and minerals are provided by Seaweed infused oil—which is hand harvested off the west coast of Ireland. There’s also Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip oil and soothing Bog Myrtle essential oil. I like to say this oil is made with wild Irish ingredients for wild Irish weather!


And lastly, I apply the Skin Superfood on top. It’s a really hydrating cream due to the BiaComplex – a range of herbal infusions each designed to hydrate the skin in a different way. In a clinical trial we had carried out 100% of the people tested had a 52% increase in hydration levels in their skin as measured by a dermatologist.


Skin Superfood is a must have product for the Autumn, I use it on my dry, chapped hands after gardening but also as my day cream in colder weather. I also bring it on holidays as an after-sun balm. It’s always in my handbag since it has multiple uses!


Codex Beauty is stocked in selected McCauley Pharmacy stores and on our website here.


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