Tan Tips with Holly Carpenter

Tan Tips with Holly Carpenter

This week’s blog is written by beauty guru and founder of LoveLift, Holly Carpenter.

I have tried countless tanning products over the years by various different brands. It’s safe to say that since I began experimenting with fake tan, around the age of 15, I have had my fair share of patchy orange disasters.

I’ve made every fake tan mistake in the book over the years but since St. Tropez was recommended to me by countless beauty experts in the industry, I began using it in my early 20’s and I haven’t looked back since.

I love reading blog posts about all things beauty, so I thought I would share some of my own tips & tricks for how I apply & maintain an even tan using a range of St. Tropez products.

  • First things first, take some time to research the different products available and select the right one to suit your skin type, your personal preference (e.g. some people find a mousse easier to use than a gel or vice versa) and your tanning goals. If I have just one night to tan before an event & I want a deep colour then I use the St. Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse. If I want to build my tan up over the space of a week then I love using the St. Tropez Purity Self Tan Bronzing Water Gel it gives a more subtle glow & can be used to gradually build up a darker tan.
  • Preparation is key when it comes to ensuring your tan develops evenly and fades naturally. I tend to have a bath the night before I tan and exfoliate my skin & shave my legs. If you want to exfoliate right before you tan then steer clear of exfoliators that contain oils, as these will act as a film on the skin and may cause streaks. Any hair removal should be carried out 24 hours prior to tanning to avoid clogging open pores.

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  • For best results make sure you shower off any perfume on your wrists or neck & make sure you don’t have any deodorant on as these can cause discoloration & patches on your skin.
  • I purchase a fresh tanning mitt about once a month when I have been using it a lot. You can wash your tanning mitt gently with soap & water, but make sure it’s bone dry before using it again. If your mitt is clogged with old tan it can make it difficult to use & you won’t get the best results.
  • Lightly moisturize your hands, elbows, knees and feet as well as your nails with an aloe vera based moisturizer to avoid the product clinging to dry skin. If you have fair hair & you’re using the St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist (my desert island beauty product) add a light layer of the same oil free moisturizer or Vaseline to your hairline and eyebrows to stop them from absorbing tan and changing colour.
  • Although all of the St Tropez tanning products are fast-drying I still recommend taking your time before getting dressed. I avoid wearing a bra or socks after I tan and opt for a dressing gown & flip flops (or a tracksuit/light dress if I plan on leaving the house).

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  • I often apply some St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel from the St Tropez Purity range in the morning before I head out for the day as it is non-transferable and smells lovely. Using natural light is key when applying a gradual tan as you can see the shine on your skin much clearer & you won’t miss any areas. If you have a ring light they’re also very handy when applying tan in the evenings.
  • The hardest place to hide a tanning fail is on your hands so if you’re not confident using a mitt then I recommend applying tan with a bronzer brush or you can use the St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist on your hands which gives them an even glow. I usually pop some Vaseline on my cuticles to avoid staining the skin around my nails.


  • When my tan has developed and it’s time to hop in the shower, I avoid scrubbing my skin. I use a foam shower gel, pat my skin dry with my towel and moisturize with an oil free body lotion or a layer of the St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Watermelon Lotion as it smells incredible and will enhance your tan further.
  • When your tan has faded & it’s time to top up then apply the same preparation routine as in point no.2 but go a little easier on the exfoliation so you’re not getting rid of the tan entirely.

If you fancy checking out my mini tan tutorial using the Purity Range, just click here:


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