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Nothing can prepare you for your first child. No matter how many books you read, apps you download and well-meaning words of advice you have thrown at you, it’s a minefield and you learn as you go.

My husband Will and I had a slightly unexpected start to parenthood, our baby Milo decided he couldn’t wait to join us and arrived 7 weeks prematurely. Will wasn’t even in the country, he was on a charity climb of the French Alps, and I was heading for a swim. A few hours and a caesarean section later Milo was born weighing just 2kg and our journey began. Will arrived back to Ireland that night and met his son for the first time, entangled in tubes and monitors, wearing nothing but a nappy in his incubator in ICU. Not exactly how we had imagined things.

On top of the stress of his early arrival I suddenly felt completely unprepared and overwhelmed with everything I quickly needed to get done. I hadn’t an item of clothing that would fit him, my pram hadn’t arrived yet and I hadn’t a single bottle purchased. I had always hoped I would be breastfeeding exclusively, if even for the first while, but as Milo hadn’t developed a latch yet he was fed through a nasal tube. As we worked with the nurses to get him feeding over the next few weeks I noticed the teats and soothers the Rotunda used were all by NUK. Milo seemed happy with them so I started by purchasing the NUK Nature Sense Perfect Start Set which comes with bottles, teats, a soother and a handy bottle cleaning brush.

Since I was expressing while Milo still couldn’t latch, I loved the Jolie Manual Breast Pump for on the go, it fit in my handbag so I could bring it to the hospital with me or even out to dinner on the rare occasion! Once he did learn to latch I had a whole other issue, believe me sore nipples are the last thing you want to worry about in the throes of it. The NUK Breast Nipple Shields are amazing and a must have if you are struggling with any pain or discomfort. I’ll never forget the day we took Milo home from the hospital, nearly a month after he was born. The feeling of pure elation mixed with extreme fear, how on earth were we going to keep this little person who should still have been tucked away in the womb alive and well. I spent the next few weeks in a bubble of love and delirium, having never experienced tiredness like it. Having a good routine and products on hand that we could rely on made things easier and still does. Nowadays, we simply change our NUK teat sizes every couple of months as he grows and have moved onto bigger soothers now too. I have at least 20 on the go yet they seem to somehow continually vanish into a black hole never to be seen again, that’s where the NUK soother chains are great.46am PST








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We recently started weaning and have been loving NUK’s Annabel Karamel Snack Pot for feeding on the go, I pop his lunch into it and it’s safe to microwave and dishwasher friendly. This week we went on our first holiday so I took one of the Anabel Karamel Ice Lolly Moulds away with us. I was able to freeze homemade fruit pops for Milo to chew on, a welcome snack for his sore teething gums. He also loves the First Choice Learner Bottle, he drinks his water from it and he can hold it himself which means it doubles up as entertainment for him too, always a plus for me!

My advice for new parents would be to try get as organised as possible. Have a cupboard full of functional products that are reliable and make your job as easy as possible. When you take the stress out of the equation it gives you more time to enjoy what’s important in life, your new baby!

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