Help for Aching Legs and Feet

Help for Aching Legs and Feet

Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster actively improves the circulation in your legs and feet.

Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the Revitive Circulation Booster works by contracting and relaxing the muscles in your legs and feet to increase blood flow, and help to:

  • Alleviate aching feet and legs

Increasing blood flow may reduce aches and pains in tired and heavy legs and feet – helping you to keep active and enjoy life.

  • Reduce swollen feet and ankles

Improving circulation reduces the swelling in feet and ankles which can in turn relieve the pain that the swelling is causing.

  • Actively improve circulation

Revitive uses drug-free Electrical Muscle Stimulation which contracts the leg muscles and boosts the blood flow to the feet and legs.  This has been proven in clinical trials carried out at leading UK universities.
It has been specially designed to be very easy to use, suitable for those with poorer circulation, a sedentary lifestyle and limited mobility.  Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster’s Wide-Pulse Waveforms stimulate the nerve endings in your feet to get your leg muscles pumping, which actively improves your circulation.
Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster

I recommend REVITIVE to anyone suffering from the effects of poor circulation – swollen feet & ankles, aching legs and feet.”
Professor Jonathan Beard, UK Consultant Vascular Surgeon


Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster (RSP €419.99), this March is €249.99 in-store and online at


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