Enjoy a Fresh Approach to Summer with Kathryn Thomas

Enjoy a Fresh Approach to Summer with Kathryn Thomas

Summer is a great time to bring health and happiness into focus.  Here, Kathryn Thomas shares some top tips and easy swaps to brighten your month.
Running through a field in Summer

Eat in Season

It can take just a few minutes to eat 1,000 calories but hours to burn them off.n  Really be mindful about what you are consuming and try to eat in season.  Irish strawberries, for example, at this time of year are delicious, as are many organic salads and vegetables.  Use plenty of herbs, seeds and nuts to spice up your salads.  Note to self…salads do not have to be boring!


It’s the tip we all know and probably the one we don’t increase enough in the summer months.  We need to drink extra water when the temperatures rise, even if that is only a few degrees with the Irish Summer.  If you drink more than 1 coffee a day, try exchanging it for a herbal tea.  There are so many out there at the moment.  Make your water bottle your habit.  Keep it with you like it is your iPhone.

Get Outdoors

There is no better feeling in the world than exercising in the fresh air when the weather is on your side.  Keep track of how much time during the week you spend outside.  It is great not just for the body but for the mind as well.  Choose either Friday or Saturday night as your night to socialize and let your hair down.  Then with the remainder of your weekend, put something in the way, with your family and friends, that does not revolve around alcohol.
Thinking outside the box organizing a surprise day for everyone can be great craic and every weekend a different person comes up with the plan to keep the troops entertained.  We have gone paddle boarding, visiting farmers markets, had picnics on the beach, even DIY’ing somebody’s garden with a BBQ as a big thank you.  Get creative!

Change the linen and open the windows

With warmer night, a lot of people find it more difficult to sleep.  Changing the sheets more regularly ensures a fresher and much calmer feeling when getting into bed for a bit of shut eye.  Keeping a window open at night, if it is safe, is also a wonderful way of circulating fresh air through the room.

My Favourite Products

Breville Blend Active

Breville Blend ActiveBreville Blend Active is perfect for all your favourite drinks like smoothies, slushies, protein drinks and milkshakes, it even blends in the top of the bottle so powder doesn’t gather in the base.  Breville have thought of everything, with nifty features like spare bottles, one-touch blending action, non-slip feet and super seal leak-proof lid.

Pictar One

Pictar OneThis is a must-have for photo-addicts, it adjusts to most iPhones to help you take great photos with ease.  The rotating zoom ring does away with the need to touch the screen to pinch-and-zoom, and makes it easy to zoom in and out with just one hand.  You can adjust your exposure, focus on moving objects and snap away, for great results.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2This is a great piece of kit for all your fitness needs, with PurePulse heart rate monitor, multi sport tracking and even keeps track of your smartphone alerts.  It’s GPS connectivity provides real-time run stats and you can use the guided breathing sessions for a moment of calm.


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