1 in 6 couples in Ireland may experience issues with fertility

In Ireland couples are increasingly leaving it later when trying for a baby – and this is impacting on the fertility rate with approximately 1 in 6 couples experiencing issues with fertility.
A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and taking enough exercise are important when trying for a baby.  It can be difficult to all the nutrients you need from your diet, and in Sam McCauley Chemists we have a wide range of scientifically formulated fertility supplements to help support both men and women when trying for a baby.

Supplements to Support Fertility

Proceive is a range of supplements developed by fertility experts which provide folic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support the nutritional needs of the body when trying for a baby.
Also available is Pre-Conceive.  This is a unique, unisex formula which has been proven by independent clinical trials to boost fertility, and is designed primary for couples who are having difficulty in conceiving naturally.
The importance of taking folic acid supplements cannot be stressed enough, and women should start taking this well before trying to conceive in order to reduce the chances of birth defects.
Folic acid is available in a separate supplement, for example Clonfolic, or in combination with other vitamins and minerals.  Women planning a baby should take a supplement containing 400mcg of folic acid until the 12th week of pregnancy.

Ovulation Tests

Ovulation tests can play an important role in identifying the most fertile days of a womans cycle.  The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is over 99% accurate in pinpointing the 2 most fertile days each cycle, and gives clear results on a digital display.

Fertility-Friendly Lubricants

It is vital if you are trying to conceive that you are aware that traditional lubricants should not be used as they often have ingredients that hinder the process of conception. There are fertility-friendly lubricants that can help to support fertility and the process of conception, and both Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus are available in our pharmacies.
Our pharmacists and staff can advise you on all of these products, and many others to ensure that you get your baby making journey off to the best possible start.



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