Tips for Taking Summer Holiday Photos

Tips for Taking Summer Holiday Photos

We’re delighted to have professional photographer Podge Kelly FIPF, EFIAP, LSWPP share some tips on how to make the most of your photography this summer!

Hi Everyone, so we are all heading into the summer and with all the beautiful sunshine we love to take pictures in when all the colours shine.  The light can be very harsh, long days and some haze…but you can still get some beautiful imagery, you just need to think a little differently.  So here are some tips to help you get some better images this summer.

Shoot in the Shade

Summer light can be a little harsh and unflattering for portraits, and midday is the hardest light of all, so shoot in the shade, this will soften out shadows and give you beautiful light in your subjects eyes, and stunning portraits.

Be Creative

Shoot some Silhouettes by putting something solid between you and a bright background that is easily recognised, this will give you a striking and beautiful image…use your kids, your husband or wife and make some magic.

The Golden Hour

This happens in the last hour or so of the day – everywhere gets beautiful golden light.  It’s much warmer, shadows are much longer and you get beautiful sunsets with a huge ball of fire going down beyond the horizon.  Use your zoom lens to make the sun look bigger in your shot.

Shoot some Black & White

All digital cameras can shoot Black and White so why not try it out this summer.  With the light being harsh, Black and White will be a great process to bring out the contrast and the deep shadows.  Black and White is ageless and has a magic all of its own.

Clichés – change your Angle of View

We all get lazy so why not try shooting from a different angle.  Get down low and shoot up or even get up high and shoot down – all this will give you a whole different look on the world around you.  Locations we all go to, the usual tourist spots, but while you are there, take a walk around, go to the back or side of whatever it is you are visiting to try and get a different slant on it.

Use your lens

Most cameras have wide angle, zoom and macro lens built in so don’t be afraid to use them.  Get in close with your wide angle and fill your frame with colour, or get in really close with your macro and highlight the beauty of a single flower.  Use your telephoto lens to bring things closer to you from across the lake, road or beach.  When you use all these things you will make better pictures.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, you might be surprised at the results…You might even like it!

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