Laser Hair Removal Tailored for Men

Laser Hair Removal Tailored for Men

Boys – have you ever thought about Laser Hair Removal?  In recent years many men have discovered the benefits of Laser Hair Removal – and if unwanted hair is an issue, it might just be for you too.

Let’s face it…shaving is a waste of time and money.

It can lead to sores, ingrown hairs and skin irritations.  Most men shave once a day, with some even shaving twice a day to keep the stubble and shadow at bay, so that’s lots of time that could be best spent doing other things – and we don’t need to remind you of the cost of razors.
From heavy beard growth to dense leg hair and everything in between, some men can feel conscious about their body hair.  So much so that wearing shorts, taking a top off or even just leaving the top button of a shirt open becomes a big no-no.
If you suffer from skin irritations during and after shaving, or if you have unwanted thick hair growth anywhere on your body, then laser hair removal could be the ideal long term solution.
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Sports Life & Beyond

Many athletes use laser hair removal to enhance their performance.  Runners, swimmers and cyclists all benefit from streamline aerodynamics when competing, while wrestlers and mixed martial arts fighters will benefit from hair not being snagged during sparring or fights.
Men having Laser Hair Removal on Chest

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The lasers used in these treatments selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving your skin undamaged, which is ideal for sensitive skin or areas with acne.
The pulse of the laser lasts just milliseconds, leading to a very fast and effective treatment.  Our Candela Laser Machine features a patented skin-cooling device for even greater client comfort and better results.
A minimum course of 6 treatments is recommended, however our Beauty Therapists will be able to advise further during your free consultation.
Laser hair removal is offered in three of our six Beauty Salons.  Call to book your FREE consultation:

  • Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow:  059 9182082
  • Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork:  021 4897777
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