Nuxe Huil Prodigieuse Anniversary Editions

Nuxe Huil Prodigieuse Anniversary Editions

Cult classic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is celebrating it’s 25th birthday by reinventing its formula and releasing 3 anniversary edition bottles.

While each of the editions has its own special colour and message, they all share the same graphic lace pattern scrolling over the iconic bottle;  similarly, they all contain the same, reinvented iconic formula.
The formula has been enriched with a new precious and nourishing anti-ageing ingredient:  Tsubaki Oil.
Huile Prodigieuse is one of the most iconic multi-purpose oils available, with proven efficacy.

  • Proven efficacy on the face:  1 drop of Huile Prodigieuse is enough to protect skin from over 90% of free radicals.
  • Proven efficacy on the body:  Its action on the appearance of stretch marks shows a reduction of 30% in the colour of stretchmarks.
  • Measured and proved efficacy on the hair:  Supple and repaired hair for all hair types, measured and validated by a professional hair stylist.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Anniversary Editions are available for a limited time only at selected Sam McCauley Chemists.


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