Mairead Ronan's Ultimate Holiday Essentials Checklist

Mairead Ronan's Ultimate Holiday Essentials Checklist

For anyone lucky enough to be heading to sunnier climes, here are travel presenter Mairead’s carry-on sized, carry-you-everywhere beauty essentials to bring a real shine to your holiday.

I’ve been that girl at the check in, embarrassingly taking things out of my case and putting them in to a friends…or worse, a work colleagues!
I simply wasn’t good at packing – end of story.  But then I met my husband Louis…Now if there was such a thing as a PhD in packing a suitcase then he’s got it (apparently it’s a boarding school thing).
But then last year I signed up to present the TV travel series ‘Getaways’ for RTE and BBC.  I knew it was time to change my ways, plus I was pregnant, so I was personally carrying a lot of ‘extra baggage’ already.  Now I’ve become that smug person at the bag drop with my 15kg bag even though I’m allowed 20kg (sorry).
First thing I do now is write a list.  This might sound over the top but I guarantee you that if you try this just once when travelling, you’ll end up taking less clothes away with you but somehow having more outfits.  Plus you’ll only take the beauty products that you actually need.
Start with shoes, think about what you’re doing, where you’re going and take it from there…but I’m not here to talk to you about fashion!  Instead I’m giving you a sneaky peek inside my beauty bag when I travel.
Cocoa Brown Instant Gel and Mitt.  Only recently I’ve come to terms with my pale skin during the day, but at night I love a sunkissed look.  The best part about this product is it’s so easy to apply and then just shower off in the morning and I’m back to being Mairead – Paley McPale – Ronan.
If you only pack one beauty item then make it Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream Sun Protection 50.  I know most of us think that Ireland’s weather is so bad that we need an umbrella over it, but we do get a lot of sun.  So in order to cling on to your fresh, youthful skin naturally, use this or any factor 50 for your 365 days a year – I won’t walk my dog Murphy without this on my face.
I wish I could apply false lashes but no matter how hard I try I end up gluing my own lashes together then make my eyes puffy and no one has ever said “oh she’s got gorgeous pink eyes!”  So now I just use a great waterproof mascara.  I adore Benefit BAD gal Waterproof.  It’s perfect for sunshine and even resists to running when I take a dip in the pool.
FARO 32″ Blow Drying Brush.  Yes I know it’s my own brand but it’s brilliant and was recently awarded Best Hair Tool by  IMAGE Magazine in their 2017 Beauty Awards.  When travelling I only take the 32″ with me because it’s all I need for a straight or wavy blow dry.  So far it has been with me London, L.A., Las Vegas, Austria, Iceland, Italy, Tenerife ans skiing in France and it’s still in perfect condition and keeping my hair in perfect shape too.
I love it when a product can fulfill three needs for me, and when I’m travelling Clinique Aromatic Elixir becomes my aftersun, my moisturising body cream and my perfume.  A little bit of this goes a long way.  Your skin will look and smell divine with this one.
And finally I go nowhere without a clear plastic zip bag with some standard antihistamines, a cream for bites (because to insects I’m like Emily Ratajkowski…They find me irresistible!!!), and some Dioralyte…because someone always gets an icky belly and you can be the super hero of the holiday!
Oh and last word – don’t forget the adaptor!

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