Say bye-bye to Headlice with the V-Comb

Say bye-bye to Headlice with the V-Comb

With no need for chemicals or pesticides, the V-Comb is a simple and user-friendly, reusable and allergy-free lice treatment for both children and adults. This gentle, yet effective, treatment is safe for home use and eliminates both head lice and their eggs (nits) without the need for chemicals or special shampoos.
V Comb Chemical Free Headlice Treatment
How does it work?
The V-Comb uses its rounded, stainless steel-toothed comb and suction power to smoothly run across the scalp and gently lift lice and eggs. The V-Comb traps head lice and eggs removed from the hair and into its patented Capture Filter. After treatment, simply detach the Capture Filter and snap on the lid for hygienic disposal.
We are going to put a warning here for anyone who’s a bit squeamish – this video contains images of live headlice.
Why choose the V-Comb?

  • Chemical Free Treatment
  • Early Lice Detection – Can be used as a safe and gentle way of regularly checking your family’s hair for lice and their eggs
  • Smooth & gentle on the scalp – The comb head has been designed to adjust to either a rake or comb position for maximum comfort depending on the length of the hair. The design is smooth and rounded so that there is no sharp edges or components.
  • Filter captures lice and eggs – As you gently comb through the hair, V-Comb’s disposable Capture Filters securely trap head lice and their eggs. This makes rechecking the hair easy and reduces the chances for infestation.
  • Easy to clean – After each treatment, simply remove the disposable Capture Filter, snap on the lid and hygienically dispose of the used filter. A brush is supplied with the unit to clean the stainless steel comb and unit between users.

The V-Comb (€39.99) is available at all Sam McCauley Chemists and online here.


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