iKydz Internet Control

iKydz Internet Control

Separating kids from their iPads and Xboxes can prove a nightmare.
iKydz is a simple plug and play box that gives parents and guardians the power to regulate the time any digital device within the home is used for as well as filtering out content that you are not happy with.
iKydz Internet Control
How does iKydz work?
A simple plug and play microcomputer delivers the software required to manage all your household internet connections over the web at the swipe of a finger via the iKydz app.

Will iKydz work with any router?
Yes, iKydz will work with any router.

How many devices can I manage with iKydz?
iKydz will enable you to manage up to 243 internet capable devices on your household network.

What is Safe Search and Content Blocking;
Research has shown that the majority of children come across inappropriate content based on a random web search or links appearing while on YouTube . Once your child’s device is connected to the iKydz WiFI network, all content is automatically filtered by Google Safe Search , so your children are safe to search to the internet using Google, Bing, YouTube etc.
In addition, iKydz provides a  parent the ability to enable adult content blocking on individual devices.

iKydz allows you to create schedules for all or for individual devices. As a rule of thumb, the start time is when you want the restriction to begin and the end time is when you wish the restriction to be removed. These can be set for time of day and you can repeat for the days of the week.
For example, a restriction of access may come into effect @ 18:00 and be removed @ 21:00 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
iKydz is available at all Sam McCauley Digital Photo Centres and online at www.sammccauley.com – price €99.99


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