WatchOvers Liberty

WatchOvers Liberty

WatchOvers Liberty is a Watch, Phone & GPS Location Device all in one.
WatchOvers Liberty Watch, Phone & GPS

The Liberty is a small compact device that can be worn by the elderly and the young, giving them freedom, and you and your family peace of mind. The Liberty is a stand alone watch-phone bypassing the need for the wearer to also carry a mobile phone or any other device.The Liberty Watch is a mobile phone with its’ own sim card and phone number. The watch can make and receive phone calls from up to 10 pre-set telephone numbers with no need for any additional mobile phones or devices, the Liberty is a stand-alone phone. With the press of a button your loved one can call you quickly and easily, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind and more freedom.

In the event of an emergency, your loved one simply presses the button on the watch for 3 seconds to make an emergency SOS call. Once pressed, the watch will automatically call the 3 pre-set emergency numbers one by one until the call is answered and will simultaneously send a notification message to each of the emergency numbers through the App on their mobile phone, while monitoring the watch’s location every sixty seconds for 10 minutes.

WatchOvers GPS

When your loved ones are out and about, you can locate them instantly through the  App on your smart phone, letting you see where they are no matter how far away. Once you open the location map in the App, the current location will be updated within 2 minutes.

Michael:  Fantastic idea. My daughter just turned 11 and wants more freedom to walk home from school or to a friend’s house…this solves the problem of worrying so much in this area of child responsibility development…as you know you can track and she is only one touch of a button away if there is a problem….only issue is my 8 year old son is desperate to have one too!

Setup was dead easy. The app could use development…which I’m sure will come with time, but all in all we could not be happier with this neat little watch.

Patrick:  I got one of these for my Dad (88) and it gives amazing peace of mind.  I can track his location via the App on my phone and he just presses a button on the phone and it calls me.

The WatchOvers Liberty costs just €119.99, and is available in-store and online at


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