Lose 6 inches in an hour!

Lose 6 inches in an hour!

That’s right – lose 6″ in just hour.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well with Universal Contour Wrap you can!
This treatment has been available for over 25 years and independent tests by the University of Westminister revealed that the treatment consistently created inch loss for all those tested.
To find out what this treatment is really like we sent a member of our Social Media Team to experience it.

I’ll start this off by saying that this is not the most dignified treatment but it’s well worth it.
Post Christmas I had gone from a size 12 to a very optimistic (and tight 12)/14, so hearing that I could quickly lose inches and have my clothes fit better definitely peaked my interest.
This wrap is not a treatment for the faint hearted – it’s not painful or anything like that but it takes a lot of guts to stand naked (except for a pair of paper undies) while a stranger measures your wobbly bits!  Luckily my therapist Christina (in Sam McCauleys Redmond Square) was lovely – and best of all super quick!
Christina took measurements from 18 areas (marking each with a pen so she knew the exact spot to remeasure after the treatment).  After measurements are taken the wrap begins.  And other than the standing naked bit I found this quite nice.  The bandages are warm and have been pre-soaked in a clay solution.  You are wrapped quite tightly but I wouldn’t say too tight.  The end result is you end up looking like a mummy.

Universal Contour Wrap


After this Christina helped me into what I called the MC Hammer suit – this helps to keep you warm and help the clays to their thing.
MC Hammer

Think this only silver!

And then the nice part – one hour of relaxing on the bed.  Christina left me lots of magazines but what with the soothing music and peacefullness of the treatment room I took it as the perfect opportunity for a snooze, and was actually a bit disappointed when the hour was up.
Christina helped me off the bed and out of the MC Hammer suit and then started the unwrapping.  With the bandages quickly gone Christina took measurements again.  Again this was a bit mortifying but I was excited to hear what the results were.
Aaannnnd the numbers speak for themselves:
Universal Contour Wrap Results
7 and 1/8 inches overall!  And I have to say I definitely felt the difference in my upper arms, ribcage & stomach!  It wasn’t dramatic but it was definitely noticeable to me.
This treatment would be ideal for anyone who has a big event or holiday coming up and wants to lose a few inches to make a dress or bikini look better, but for me it was a huge motivator in kicking some bad habits.  You’re encouraged to avoid caffeine, sugar and salt afterwards, and feeling the results encouraged me to swap my normal coffee for decaff and not have a sugary treat.
The great thing about Universal Contour Wrap is that the inches don’t come back as soon as you drink water – in fact you’re encouraged to drink at least 2-3 litres per day to help flush out the impurities that have been broken down during the wrap process.
My Verdict?  This is a great treatment and well worth the few minutes of mortification!

  • Inch loss guarantee
  • Brilliant motivator
  • An hour of relaxation!


  • A bit embarrassing to have a stranger measure your wobbly bits
  • You shouldn’t shower for 3 days afterwards to get the full benefit of the clays.

The Universal Contour Wrap is available in all Sam McCauley Beauty Salons.  A single treatment costs €64.95 or you can book a course of 3 for €159.95.
Universal Contour Wrap is not available for those under 18 and is not suitable for anyone who is allergic to shellfish or pregnant.
You can book your treatment at your nearest Sam McCauley Beauty Salon, or online here.

  • Redmond Square, Wexford:  053 9122422
  • Enniscorthy:  053 9233135
  • Waterford:  051 860066
  • Fairgreen, Carlow:  059 9182082
  • Blackpool S.C., Cork:  021 4212400
  • Douglas Court S.C., Cork:  021 4897777



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