LubriSyn – Relief from joint pain

LubriSyn – Relief from joint pain

Age and exercise can break down synovial fluid – the fluid that cushions and protects the joints in our bodies – this leads to pain from bone-on-bone friction and inflammation.
LubriSyn is an all natural Hyaluronan supplement that is easily absorbed to help replenish synovial fluid and lubricate aching joints.

Available in two flavours (original and grape) LubriSyn is an all natural, vegan and gluten free oral formula that can help to maintain healthy joints by improving the quality of the synovial fluid that cushions joints.
As well as helping to maintain healthy joints, Hyaluronic acid aids in the healing and repair of injured, inflamed or diseased joints and other benefits include helping to keep gums, hair, eyes and skin healthy.

Within 5 days I noticed a difference.  I was able to stand straighter, get out of bed easier.  And now my life has changed.  The terrible pain in my knees and hips, the awful creaking, has gone.
– Arthritis sufferer & LybriSyn user Vivienne Crowley (interview with Sunday World, 24 April 2016)

Because any form of HA that is introduced to the body from an external source only remains in the body for 36 hours, it is important to take LubriSyn every day. Begin with one tablespoon daily for the first 14 days, and then back down to two teaspoons a day thereafter. If joint symptoms return after taking the lower dose, you can move back to the one tablespoon dose.
LubriSyn is available in all Sam McCauley Chemists and you can also buy online at


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