Lancôme Énergie de Vie

Lancôme Énergie de Vie

New from Lancôme, the Énergie de Vie range – skincare to give a burst of energy and moisture to your skin, leaving it glowing, brighter and more energised.


Énergie de Vie launch event at Sam McCauleys Kilkenny, images courtesy of Ashling the Lancôme Consultant in our Kilkenny store

Formulated in Lancôme’s Korean labs, products in the Énergie de Vie range are packed full of natural anti-oxidants and vitamins that have been carefully chosen for their energizing and protective properties (you can read more info about this from Veronique Delavigne, Lancôme’s Scientific Communications Director, below).
Énergie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser is inspired by Korean skincare technology, and it’s liquid texture melts right into skin, leaving it plumped, smoother and softer.
Énergie de Vie Wake Up Lotion contains sparkling translucent pearls for a dash of freshness on mornings when your skin needs an extra ‘pick me up’.
Énergie de Vie Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask is a sumptuous, bouncy mask which plumps skin with moisture, leaving it looking hydrated, smoother and visibly.  Can be used as a night cream, or applied for 10 minutes as a hydrating mask.
Énergie de Vie products are available at Lancôme counters in Sam McCauley stores and online here.

Why choose lemon balm and gentian, which seem to be rarely used in cosmetics?
The choice of our trio of active ingredients – lemon balm, gentian and goji – was a deliberate one, given our unique knowledge of the consequences of a tiring urban life for the skin. In fact, we searched for medicinal ingredients that were part of the French pharmacopoeia and had proven and targeted results. We therefore chose goji berry extract for its interest as an antioxidant to combat skin tissue oxidation, lemon balm extract as a soothing agent to fight the pro-inflammatory condition that takes hold when women are tired, and finally gentian extract for its power as an energizing substance.
Does goji berry, a superfood, have the same properties for the skin as for the rest of the body when you eat it?
It’s a nourishing extract rich in:
– sugars, fructose and glucose;
minerals, especially magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium;
– and a few small lipids.
This extract has very interesting antioxidant properties proven by a reference test.
Why was it essential to use plant active ingredients?
Generation Y takes the greatest care of its health; it is always ready to adopt the best attitudes to life to be in the best of health. It is also particularly vigilant about the safety of the products that it chooses, to preserve its health and that of the planet. This is a generation committed to itself, the common good and the protection of its environment.
To what extent can delivering super-active ingredients externally compensate for inner fatigue with regard to the skin?
The body is a whole, and everything that we go through has repercussions on our organs, including – of course – the skin. Our metabolomics research proves it: a frantic life oxidizes the fundamental components of the skin, impairs its energy resources, and induces a pro-inflammatory condition. These disruptions have long-term consequences by weakening the skin’s barrier, reducing its self-defence capacities and contributing to skin ageing.
The skin is a fabulous organ in this respect! We can easily affect it from the outside by applying our best beauty solutions to it, which offer a wealth of real responses in terms of active ingredients delivered via the best media. Skin cells will be able to draw what they are lacking from them, without having to wait to be supplied via the blood circulation, bearing in mind that they are always served last by the blood microcirculation.


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