Print it – or lose it!

Print it – or lose it!

Photographs are among our most treasured possessions. According to a recent survey by Canon Ireland, almost half (48%) of people surveyed would rank saving their family photos in a fire over all other material possessions!


But have you printed your photos lately?

We take photos every single week on our smartphones and cameras but printing them is one of the last things that comes to our mind. Life’s best memories are hidden in our phones, cameras and computers, where no one can see them!

Previously, we had a tangible record of our lives in photo albums but now our memories are scattered across multiple devices, social networks and messaging apps, where they are never truly safe. You can easily lose your phone, a computer can fail, social networks come and go!

If you lose your images they are gone forever.  A printed photo can last several lifetimes!

At Sam McCauley Chemists, we get to see the emotion and pleasure that printed photos can bring to our customers lives. You often tell us heart-breaking stories of images that have been lost due to technology failure and how you wished you had printed them before it was too late. Regularly save your photos and print them so that you can have them for the next generation!

Our challenge to you is to start the printing process! For the price of a cup of coffee you can start printing real photos and ensure your memories live on for generations to come.

Start with your most recent, go through all your photos from this year and print your favourites. Set time aside to go back to later years. It can be time consuming but trust me, in years to come you and your family will really appreciate it!

As you print your photos, add them to a photo album and over time you will have a priceless collection for you, your family and future generations to enjoy! Just imagine how incredible your photos would look enlarged and hanging on your wall or crowding the mantel piece for everyone to admire?

Printing your photos has never been easier!  You can print from your digital camera or smartphone instore, online at or via the Fuji Imagine App.



Guest blogpost by Sarah, Sam McCauley Digital Photo Centre, Blackpool, Cork.


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