Vinylux Nail Treatment

Vinylux Nail Treatment

If you haven’t heard of the Vinylux treatment, you have been missing out! Vinylux is a new long lasting polish system from the innovators of Shellac CND. It is the new take on the traditional nail polish process. It claims to be a simple process, dries in 8 and a half minutes flat, gives a glossy smooth effect to the nail with a full week of durability. It can be easily removed and leaves your nails stain-free. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The Vinylux system consists solely of nail polish and a top coat, no base coat required. The base coat is not required as it can affect the performance of the polish. First of all, my nails got shaped and filed, then cleaned off with nail polish remover before applying the Vinylux polish. Depending on the colour, 2/3 coats should be applied. I picked Tropix – a lovely creamy bright coral. As this is quite a light colour, 3 coats of the polish were applied to my nails. A top coat of clear Vinylux polish was the third and final step of the process.

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The top coat is essential in the process as it contains ‘Pro-Light Technology’ which means the polish should become more durable when it’s exposed to natural light and it seals in the colour which helps it to try prevent it from chipping or cause any wear and tear. When the polish was being applied to my nails, there was no strong odours, the polish was thin and easy to manipulate. It flowed freely on the nail with excellent pigmentation. It took approximately 7-8 minutes to dry on my nails. The whole process took no longer than half an hour, it really was a very quick visit to the salon! Over the course of the week, I received quite a lot of compliments about the polish and the colour.


I used all normal soaps and personal grooming products that I would normally use and it did not affect the wearability of the polish. I also thought it was important to keep my nails moisturized and hydrated during the 7 days so I used Cuticle oil which helped to keep my nails hydrated. You can buy this in Sam McCauley’s stores or online. Buy now - Sally Cutilce oil

I removed the polish after 7 days with acetone-free based nail polish remover, which Sam McCauley sells also. This is a less harmful nail polish remover than acetone ones. It worked brilliantly, the Vinylux polish came off my nails very quick and easily.

After I removed the polish, my nails were not stained. This is due to the two part mechanism that is present in the polish which creates adhesion without staining the nails. I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Vinylux treatment. I will definitely become a regular user after my experience. It lived up to everything it claimed to. The main selling points for me was the quick process. The polish itself has a lovely formula, diverse color range and great pigmentation. The fact that it doesn’t stain is genius!

Although it is made from the same creator as Shellac, there are many differences between Vinylux and Shellac. The main difference however, is Vinylux is a nail polish and it’s not set under UV Lamp whereas Shellac is a hybrid of gel and nail polish and is set under UV Lamp.

This treatment costs €17 in our salons.


Advantages of Vinylux:

  • Lasts longer than normal polish – Full week of wear on healthy nails with little/no signs to chipping
  • Easy to remove (Nail polish remover – acetone-free remover is better for your nails)
  • Wide range of colours
  • Easy process to follow: Step 1: Shape and clean nails, step 2: Apply colour Step 3: Top coat
  • Polish is thin and easy to apply
  • Nail art can be used
  • Full coverage in 2/3 coats
  • No strong odour
  • No base coat which means faster application
  • No staining on nails afterwards


Disadvantages of Vinylux: I have yet to see any!


Why not treat yourself to the Vinylux treatment in Sam McCauley’s Beauty Salon. You won’t look back.  The application process really is as simple and easy as CND claims!

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