Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide Testing

The beginning of a new year often means new years resolutions and for many of you this will mean attempting to quit smoking.

If you have never tried to stop smoking before or have tried and failed, then this year why not consult with our trained staff who can advise on the best strategies to help you succeed. One strategy which is recommended is Carbon Monoxide testing which measures carbon levels in the body.

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In six of our Sam McCauley Chemists we offer free carbon monoxide monitoring using our clinically proven Smokelyser. This provides a visual indicator of the reduction in Carbon Monoxide levels over time to a normal level, and helps you break the habit.

Seeing progress on return visits will encourage you to continue to kick the habit.

Our pharmacists and staff can provide this service in the privacy of our consultation room and provide the best advice as to the different nicotine replacement therapies that are available to help you break the habit.

Available in the following stores

  • Fairgreen, Carlow
  • Tralee, Co. Kerry
  • Loughboy, Kilkenny
  • Blackpool, Cork
  • Redmond Square, Wexford
  • Poppyfields, Clonmel

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