Salter Nutri Pro 1000W

Salter Nutri Pro 1000W

It’s a new year and if you’re looking to be more healthy in 2016 or undo the damage done by Christmas over indulgence, the Salter Nutri Pro is for you!

The Nutri Pro 1000W is a nutrient extractor which ensures you don’t miss out on none of the goodness in fruit and vegetables. The unique extraction blade pulls any of the available nutrients from your fruit and vegetables including the seeds, stems and skin and reduces them to an easy to drink juice.

Salter Nutripro 2

This device makes it easy to ensure you get your five a day and delivers it in a easy to carry and eat smoothie/ juice. Pack in a variety of fruit and vegetables in the 1 litre size blending jug. Each blender also comes with 2 800ml cups with lids great for busy lifestyles.

If you don’t know what combinations work well and taste well together, you also receive a recipe book containing 50 healthy recipes which will leave you bursting with energy.

Total contents include

  • 1000w Salter Nutri Pro Blender
  • 2 x 800ml cups
  • 1 x litre jug
  • 2 x lids for storing
  • 2 x lids for sipping

Buy now in store or online for only €79.99 to kick start 2016 the healthy way. Offer ends January 31st 2016.

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