Get your festive tan on with TanOrganic

Get your festive tan on with TanOrganic

TanOrganic are known for delivering great tan without the smell and with an ethical focus. The range has grown from an organic lotion tan to a range encompassing tanning oil, mitts, bronzer and a fab body oil while still retaining dedication to producing tan ethically from natural products without the use of animal testing. We here in Sam McCauleys tried it and it’s safe to say we’re converted!

First up we have to mention the Moisturising Body Oil which is made from a combination of ingredients including orange peel, argan oil and coconut oil. This wonder oil can be used on your body, nails and hair, best of all it smells AMAZING! The natural smell of orange peel will leave you smelling great. The oil easily absorbs and unlike other oils doesn’t leave a greasy residue.


Next up on hit list was the TanOrganic Self Tan, this is an updated version of the product which started it all back in 2010. Like the Body Oil, this product smells great (something which can’t be said about most fake tan brands) it also is made from all natural ingredients which results in a smooth tan which fades naturally and doesn’t give the orange glow which you expect from other brands. The colour is natural and brown.

Following on from the success of the TanOrganic Self Tan, the company launched a tanning oil which is great for dry skin as it sinks into the skin. And guess what? This product also smells great. Having never used a tanning oil before we were eager to see how it worked, and we were happily surprised, the oil absorbs into the skin easier than most tanning lotions which are quite thick. Using the TanOrganic Luxury Tanning Glove (which is a lot thicker than most tanning mitts) this product glided on and left little opportunity for streaks. Our kind of tan!

Once it’s time to remove your tan the TanOrganic Tan Erase glove is your new best friend it scrubs the tan away in a few sweeps over the body. If you do have sensitive skin I would recommend testing this on a small part of your body first as it made with a high grain to quickly remove tan and may not suit all skin types.

If you want to add just a hint of colour to your daily make up routine the TanOrganic Duo Bronzer combines warm chocolate and golden caramel hues which suits every skin tone and occasion. This bronzer also comes in a gorgeous wooden compact with mirror, great for on the go application! Like the Body Oil, Tanning Oil and Tanning Lotion this product is eco-certified.

You can buy TanOrganic in Sam McCauley stores and selection of products are also available on our website.


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