Essie Gel Setter Top Coat

When it comes to long lasting nail polish a good top coat is essential. Essie is known for it’s smooth and long lasting finish, gel polish has a great track record for non- chip put the two together and you have the perfect top coat.

This top coat can be used with any nail varnish to immediately make it last longer and less prone to chipping. While paying almost €15 for a top coat may seem a bit excessive you can use it on cheap nail varnishes to make them last so you will save money in the long run I promise plus it comes in a generous size bottle.

Essie Gel Setter

The polish itself isn’t too thick a problem many gel polishes do have, it goes on as easily as any other top coat and gives a smooth finish. Another problem faced many gel polishes because of the thickness is a long setting time, no good for anyone with little patience. The Essie Gel Setter does set in standard time so you there’s no need to open doors or pick up glasses without smudging your polish.

You can buy now in selected Sam McCauley stores.


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