Laser Hair Removal

Our salons offer laser hair removal using Candella Laser Machine with a free consultation for anyone interested in undergoing the treatment.

Laser hair removal has a number of other benefits, treatment with lasers also improves the appearance of scars and helps remove ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal works differently on all types of hair and skin, it works best on dark hair and the gradual process of removing the hair last up to 9 months depending on hair reaction.

While removing hair it will grow through 3 stages, initially the hair will still be growing following initial treatments (each treatment will be spaced by 4-6 weeks depending on hair) it will move to just being follicle hair, as this removed the hair will start to die and eventually disappear.


Throughout the treatment is is encouraged to always wear sunscreen with spf, uva plus uvb protection. Yearly top ups are also encouraged following the completion of the treatment to ensure a smooth finish. Laser treatment can be carried on various parts of the body but consultation is essential before treatment can begin.

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