La Roche Effaclar Anti- Blemish System

When it comes to skin sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin or exactly what combination of products we should be using for our skin, with winter on it’s way it is essential to have a skincare routine in place.

For many with oily it’s hard to know if moisturising (which is nesscary in winter) will increase likelyhood of breakouts, this winter La Roche Posay has launched the Effaclar Blemish System. Four systems exist and each contains a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser designed for oily skin prone to breakouts.

The moisturiser in each system is for daily use and hydrates the skin while maintaining a matte look and containing anti- bacterial properties and anti inflammatory properties.

The system works by addressing various skin issues and going to deeper layers of skin. Step One is the system in Cleanse, all four cleansers are designed to reduce excess sebrum (the oil in skin) and remove bacteria that may lead to spots. Step Two like all cleansing regimes is toning, the four toners work to reduce the size of pores and mattify skin. The final step is moisturising, which can be contentious for many people with oily skin, the mosituriser in each pack are proven to correct the appearance of blemishes and unclog pores while reducing the appearance of red and brown marks. The moisturiser also provide 24hr hydration, essential in winter.


All four kits are now available in selected stores for an introductory price of €35.00.


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