Lycon Waxing

All of our salons are now offering Lycon Waxing. Lycon Waxing originated in Australia in 1978 and has taken the world by storm ever since.

The unique make up of the wax, a combination of resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils ensures superior performance even on hair as short as 1mm meaning long lasting results.
Lycon wax is more gentle on skin than other waxes which means you can wax an area more than once and there is less visible redness after.

Well-groomed female legs after depilation procedure. A day at a spa concept. Isolated on white background.

Unlike other waxing treatments where powder is used to clean the area, a cleansing oil is used before waxing. You can choose from a number of waxing options including Hot Wax and Strip Wax all in a variety of scents.

The Lycon range of products are synonymous with consistency, quality and unrivaled effectiveness, and Lycon has become a firm favourite with waxing clients all over the world.

Sam McCauley Salons are located in our Blackpool, Douglas, Enniscorthy, Fairgreen, Redmond Square and Waterford stores.

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