New Beauty Hero Muslin Cloths

This month Clinique are launching their Take Off The Day Muslin Cloth, once the tool of a new mother, muslin cloths are an unsung beauty hero as they have a variety of beauty uses.

TTDO Cloth 1

Unlike traditional cloths which can be rough on the skin or cotton pads which can only be used once, muslin cloths are reusable and soft on the skin. Perfect for removing your make up at the end of a long day with a cleansing balm or cream cleanser.

Clinque Balm copy

Facial steaming is great for removing impurities and muslin cloths are the perfect tool for this. Simply soak in warm water, remove excess water and lay on your face for 1-2 min. Don’t forget to moisturise after!

If your skin falls under the sensitive category, muslin cloths are gentle enough to use all over the body for light exfoliation.

Winter brings with it many things, rain, cosy fires and hot chocolate. Unfortunately chapped and dry lips are another staple of winter and once more muslin cloths are your friend as they can gently remove dry skin to reveal soft lips without damaging already sensitive skin.

If ingrown hairs are a recurring problem for you look no further than the muslin cloth. Like many beauty problems, prevention is better than a cure, the best way to use is to gently buff areas prone to ingrown hairs to avoid the problem.

Muslin Cloths are your new beauty basic for under €10.

Clinique Take The Day Off Muslin Cloth is available in packs of two on from August 1st and in selected stores for an introductory price of €8.


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