Let’s Go Lashes Lash Extensions @ Sam McCauley Beauty Salons

Let’s Go Lashes Lash Extensions @ Sam McCauley Beauty Salons

There’s nothing like a flick of mascara in the morning to make you look wide awake (even if you still feel half asleep) – so how about waking up every morning with full fluttering lashes?

Lash Extensions are unbelievably flattering, making eyes look bigger and more defined even without applying any makeup, so as a treat for Christmas Party Season I headed in to Christina in our Redmond Square Beauty Salon to have some Let’s Go Lashes applied.


Christina, the therapist that applied my Lash Extensions

The pure beauty of Lash Extensions is that unlike Strip Lashes, they can be tailored to give you a totally bespoke look to reflect your requirements – you can choose to go as natural or dramatic as you like.  I opted to keep things quite natural and go for something a little fuller and longer than my own lashes and I was surprised when Christina told me that a lot of her clients are actually older women whose lashes have become more sparse who just want to achieve a natural look.

Here are the sizes of lashes that are available, Christina used a mix of 11 and 10 on my eyes (marked here with stars):


Go as natural or dramatic as you like!

The procedure itself was not what I expected!  I wear contact lenses so I was a bit concerned that I’d have to keep my eyes open while the glue dried but no, all Christina asked was that I keep my eyes on a fixed spot, and I could blink as normal.  It was very hard to feel anything happening at all – I presumed that I would feel the lashes being attached to my own but I was completely wrong!  Christina applied the lashes by dropping them gently onto my own lashes – she didn’t have to touch my lashes at all – when she was finished she asked me to have a look and check if I was happy with everything (which I was!), and she then finished by adding a slick of sealant to keep them waterproof and give then extra staying power.

And here’s the final result – without any eye makeup!  I really can’t believe the difference that a 20 minute procedure has made!  My eyes look bigger and wider.


Let’s Go Lashes will last up to two weeks and then you can choose to let them gradually fall off or you can call back in to the Salon to have then removed (which is done by dissolving them in a special solution), and if you want to keep your Lash Extensions you can call back to the Salon for a top up of lashes.  There is minimal aftercare involved, Christina told me to be careful when removing my eye make up, not to pull, rub or tug at my lashes and when in the shower to just let the water run through them to keep them clean,


Pardon the pun but Let’s Go Lashes really opened my eyes to Lash Extensions.  They would be perfect for holidays (they’re low maintenance), special occasions (no running mascara at weddings!) and even for those who’ve lost some of their natural lashes and just want a natural look.

Applying them is a quick and relaxing 20 minutes, and they’re not damaging to your own lashes unless you pull and tug at them.  There are also few contraindications – they are safe for pregnant women and those on any medication (including Roaccutane) – the only people Let’s Go Lashes would be unsuitable for are those with an eye infection or conjunctivitis or anyone with very dry eyes.

So the big question, will I have Lash Extensions again?  Most definitely!

Let’s Go Lashes are available at Sam McCauleys Beauty Salon in Redmond Square, Wexford 053 9122422 and Fairgreen, Carlow 059 9182082 (€35), and Nouveau Lashes (which last 4 – 6 weeks) are available at Sam McCauleys Beauty Salon in Blackpool 021 4212400 (€60).  You can also book your Salon Treatment online at www.sammccauley.com or visit the App Store to download the Sam McCauley Beauty Salon App.


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