Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser – Review

Here in the Sam McCauley Support Office we get really excited when we hear that a new brand is on the way, and for those of us who LOVE our beauty products it’s been a pretty fantastic few weeks!!!  In just the last month we’ve had Stila, Bare Minerals, L’Occitane, NYX and Ren appear in our stores – and while I love love love my makeup, the brand I was most looking forward to trying was Ren.

Bloggers have been raving for ages about Ren Hot Cloth cleanser so I knew that this would be a must for me.  I have super dry skin, and sometimes find that cleaning my face with water can leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable.  The great thing about Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser is that it has no parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances and is packed with sensitive skin friendly ingrediants like Triglycerides from Cocoa Butter Seed, Vitamin P from Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascena so your skin is left soft, soothed and moisturised.


The pack comes with a 15oml bottle of the cleanser and a 100% cotton stay warm cloth.  The texture of the cleanser is thick and creamy and doesn’t feel at all greasy (so there’s no chance of this running off your fingers!!) and it almost feels like you’re feeding your skin when you apply it!  The pack advises to use one pump, but because my skin is so dry I like to use one and a half.  I massage it in and run the facecloth supplied under warm water (not too hot as this will break your capillaries!), then put the facecloth on my face and leave for about a minute to open my pores to let the cleanser do it’s job and then gently use the facecloth to polish the cleanser away.  A final rinse with cool water to close the pores and my skin is left clean, super soft and radiant.



I so love this product – it’s obvious why there’s so much hype about it and in fairness the hype is totally justified.  Having skin that feels clean and healthy without any owwwiness or tightness has made cleaning my face a much nicer process, and just using the hot cloth on my face has turned ‘taking the day off’ into a bit of a spa experience!


Ren skincare is available at Sam McCauleys Redmond Square Wexford and Sam McCauleys Douglas Court Shopping Centre Cork. 


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