Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara – Review!!

Stephanie, a Transition Year student who’s been helping us out this week, lets us know what she thinks about new Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara!!


Big Eyes, Volum’Express is one of Maybellines genius wands of wonder.  I’d consider it one if their best mascaras yet.  It has unique features which makes it stand out and it comes at a reasonable price.


Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

It has finally dawned on the world of cosmetics that lower lashes and upper lashes, in most cases, are a significantly different length.  Maybellines Big Eyes mascara has figured out how we can have luscious lashes without a big pigmented blob landing on our freshly finished foundation.  The task was great but the solution was simple.  A large brush at one end and a thinner brush at the other.  Simply incredible.  How was this so hard to figure out!?!

The larger brush is to be used for the upper lashes and the smaller brush for the lower lashes.  The small brush prevents those easily made mistakes which I myself made on a regular basis, luckily no more mistakes for me!  Big Eyes has helped stop those smudges and covers ups which seemed to make doing my make up so much less enjoyable.

The double ended brush allows more time for detail too.  The thinner brush I find, can be used for the outside corner of the eye where clumps arise (on my eyes anyway!), and the inside corner where stabbing has occurred.  The larger brush adds length and volume to my upper lashes.  I find it has very good separation too but the smaller brush is a great helping hand to have.  You’ll never miss a lash with this mascara!

In my opinion it’s a flexible mascara, I can use it for both night and day.  I wouldn’t leave the house without mascara and even on those lazy days I find myself wearing it. You might be  lucky enough to have dark hair and not need mascara on an everyday basis but I have fair hair and unfortunately I look like an alien without it.  Big Eyes is my go to for everyday use.  For night time I spend time on my lashes using the volumising brush more than during the day.  It can switch from day to night in a flash.  It’s very versatile and easy it use.  The title “Big Eyes” doesn’t deceive you.

Big Eyes has received great reviews such as “Amazing I love it”, “Simply wow” and many other great compliments.  I love this mascara as you can see and so do lots of other people.  Its good quality and easy to use, what’s not to like?!

I find my lashes look fuller and more girly than before.  My picture is here so you can be the judge!

















Available in store and online at  €11.99


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