Magnetic Lash Mascara – Review

When I have wedding, party or some other special event to attend, one of the first things I reach for is my false lashes.  I love the look of full fluttering lashes and if I wasn’t so lazy I think I’d wear them every day!  Don’t get me wrong, I love mascara but even the best of mascaras can start to look clumpy or spidery when too much is applied.

But then I tried Magnetic Lash by Santhilea and oh how my opinion of mascara has changed!  It comes with two tubes – a mascara and a tube of lash building fibres which stick to the mascara (hence the magnetic name!!).


First you use the mascara as you normally would, then you apply the lash building fibres (you apply them using the wand just like a mascara), and you’ll immediately see your lashes getting longer and fuller.  Then for the final step you apply another slick of the mascara to keep the fibres in place.  (If you want super dramatic lashes you can repeat these steps).

The mascara alone is really really good – perfect in fact for everyday wear if you don’t want such a full-on effect – and it contains luxury hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to nourish and condition your lashes too.  The formula also has blue and violet pigments which add depth to the colour giving your lashes a gorgeous velvet sheen.

21 Before and After








This is what my lashes looked like after just one go of the three steps, and I could have added more fibres for a fuller look, but straight away I could see a dramatic difference – my lashes looked at least 50% longer than they did before!  And unlike building layers of normal mascara, my lashes didn’t feel like they were about to snap, they felt soft and fluttery. Better still Magnetic Lash is removed in the same way as any other mascara with just a gentle wipe of some eye makeup remover.  From now on I think I’ll be giving the false lashes a miss and reaching for this instead!

Magnetic Lash is available in Sam McCauley Beauty Salon Redmond Square Wexford and online at for €29.99.


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  1. March 18, 2014 / 12:21 pm

    The effect is so obvious. It seems this Magnetic Lash Mascara is great. I will buy one to have a try.