YSL Forever Youth Liberator Range

There seemed to be a pink theme running through this years big skincare launches – Lancôme’s DreamTone, Vichy’s Idealia Life Serum, L’Oreal’s Skin Perfection Range….and now the Forever Youth Liberator range from YSL.

Forever Youth Liberator is an anti-aging range that sets out to do exactly what it says on the tin, namely unlocking youthfullness and radiancy in the skin – using a magic ingredient called Glycanactif, which is a patented combination of 3 glycans.

It’s all about the Power of Sugars – and no, this does not mean stuffing your face with chocolate to create youthful plumpness. No, glycans are complicated sugar molecules in our cells that play many important biological roles, including attracting water to keep the skin plump and soft.  As we age our bodies slow down their production of glycans and so skin becomes dry and wrinkled – but the Glycanactif that YSL has used in Forever Nutri Creme binds to glycan receptors on the cell surface and stimulates them to start making the molecules (including other glycans and related compounds) needed for healthy skin.

So that’s the sciency bit, but is the proof in the pudding and does it actually work? Sharyn in the Sam McCauley Support Office took some home with her to try out – here’s how she got on:

I was excited to try the new YSL Youth Liberator Nutri Creme moisturiser and eye creme as in the past I have been a big fan of the Youth Liberator serum which definitely lives up to expectation.  On first inspection the gel like cream is very light and sinks into your skin quickly leaving no sticky residue.  It also has a lovely scent!   I also noticed that my skin felt like satin instantly after applying, and it comes with a little spatula to apply the cream on your face.  After using for a couple of weeks now I am definitely seeing a difference in the texture of my skin and fine lines definitely look a little less noticeable.  My skin also appears more radiant.  The eye cream is also a very light consistency and treats dark circles, wrinkles and also restores radiance  to the eye area.  I’ve found that the skin around my eye looks a lot smoother and also feels more comfortable but I’ll probably need a little longer to work on those dark circles!!!

So that’s Sharyn’s opinion and guess what, we want to hear yours!!  We have a 50ml pot of Youth Liberator Nutri Creme (suitable for dry skin or for use as a night cream) and Youth Liberator Eye Cream to giveaway to one of you!  If you’re interested in trying these products out then just leave us your details below!

YSL Skincare is available at Sam McCauleys, Manor West Shopping Centre, Tralee

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