Facials – the good, the bad and the downright scary!!

There was an article in last Wednesdays Daily Mail was about a, lets say, interesting facial – the Manchester Tart. Using products more likely to be found in a dessert, beauticians at the Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa have (bad pun alert!) cooked up a facial that claims to be ‘beneficial to skin and a soothing and relaxing spa treatment.

Image of Manchester Tart FacialApple custard which is high in vitamins A & C is used to eliminate free radicals and keep skin healthy.  Coconut is added as a nourishing moisturiser and cherry which is packed with fruit acids, is used to revive tired skin.

Image of Manchester Tart

Actually good enough to eat

Whether this facial kicks off as the next best thing or just makes for a great marketing stunt we’ve yet to see, but it got us interested in checking out what other wild and wacky facial treatments are out there….and lets just say that the results were quite interesting!

First up is the The Geisha Facial – sounds very tranquil and zen like doesn’t it, and you could almost image being in a Japanese spa with the wind whistling through bamboo – well the reality is that the Geisha Facial involves bird poop, yes you’ve read that right, bird poop.  Bird poop from the Japanese Bush Warbler to be exact.

Used since ancient times, this facial is claimed to lighten the skin and balance skin tones that have acne or sun damage.  A fan of the treatment is Victoria Beckham and according to Closer magazine, when Victoria was in Japan, she admired the clarity of the women’s skin and learnt that it was thanks to the droppings, which contain an enzyme called guanine that leaves the skin clean, smooth and supple.

Thankfully this facial doesn’t involve just smearing bird poop on your face and instead the droppings are dried to form a powder which is UV sterilized to kill any bacteria.

Image of Japanese Warbler

Simon Cowell is a fan of the next facial on our list, the delightfully named – Placenta Facial. Made with purified stem cells that have been harvested from New Zealand sheep placenta and sprinkled with 24 carat gold flakes, this treatment boasts skin rejuvenating results.  Sources claim that Simon loves this afterbirth treatment:

Simon is forever trawling the health and beauty market, looking for all the latest fads.

He’s tried vitamin injections, drips, detoxes, smoothies, Botox and massages, but after reading rave reviews about placenta facials, decided he had to give them a go.

He reckons they take years off his complexion, and give him back the shine and joie de vivre [that] long hours and smoking take away.

Image of Shaun the SheepA facial which hit the headlines a little while ago due to some very scary pictures tweeted by Kim Kardashian is the Vampire Facial.  Not what you’d call a ‘relaxing treatment’, this facial claims to stimulate collagen production to create new skin and remove fine lines and acne scars.  The first step of the process involves drawing approximately two teaspoons of blood from your arm and then spinning it in a machine to remove the platelets which are then mixed with restylane or juvederm.  Next, a motorized needle is used to create puncture wounds on your face and the platelet mixture is applied to the broken skin.  Nice.

Image Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial

It seems that there are no limits to the lengths that celebs will go to, to retain youthful looks and flawless skin – but how far would you go??!!


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