The Kardashian sisters are renowned for that perfectly polished, lush, done-to-the-nines appearance which inspires serious obsession amongst their fans.

In particular the girls are known for sporting a smoky eye everywhere from the airport to the nail salon. They epitomise the ultimate in femininity & embrace their curvaceous bodies, which is very refreshing when you’re used to columnists spitting out nonsense about being a size zero! While the full makeup look may not be for everyone 7 days a week here are a few tips on how you can achieve it, with help from NYC makeup artist, Troy Surratt.

Play up all of your features: “The Kardashian sisters know the power of glam and aren’t afraid to accentuate and capitalise on every feature. That means paying attention to your eyes, cheeks and lips instead of just focusing on one of them.

2. Make friends with foundation. Many girls avoid foundation because they think it looks fake, says Surratt, but the right formula and technique will give your skin a flawless appearance. First, apply a lightweight gel-cream base like Dior DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Crème-Gel (Retailing at €50.50) with a foundation brush. Then, pat it into your skin with a makeup sponge.

3. Warm up your skin. When applying bronzer, create a triangle shape by blending it around your hairline (at the temples), on your cheekbones and down to your chin. “This draws all of the light to the center of your face,” says Surratt. Shiseido Bronzer Natural, air-brushed finish. All day true colour. Contains moisturising ingredient Price €37.00

4. Enhance your bone structure. Smile and add a pop of pink blush to the fullest area of your cheek Use Benefit Thrrrob “turned on “face powder. Why we love it, our cool pink powder recreates the flirty flush you get when your heart races. This pulse-racing shade is a turn on day or night! Retailing at 33.50

5. Fake it. False eyelashes are like beams of sunlight emitting from your eyes,” says Surratt, who notes that Kim frequently wears them to make her eyes look big and bright. “Long, full lashes are flirtatious and feminine.”

6. Soften smoky eyes. Ever wonder how the Kardashians manage to pull off a smoky eye in the afternoon? “I rim the inner and upper lash lines with Stila Kajal pencil in black, then I blend a rich brown eye shadow over the liner to make it warmer and softer,” advises Surratt

7. Line your lips. When you’re doing a nude lip, you should always define your mouth first with a pencil, says Surratt. “Otherwise, your lips will disappear into your skin.”

This month they launch their first British clothing line for high-street stalwart Dorothy Perkins and to celebrate the sisters have been sharing their style secrets.

The siblings have created over 100 larger-than-life pieces for the brand, with a heavy emphasis on the party season, including sequined clutch bags, sparkling tops and, naturally, swathes of dance floor ready dresses.

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Enjoy everyone!


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