Hairspray is the No1  supplier of hair in Ireland & we are delighted to be stocking it in our selected stores shown below:

  • Enniscorthy- wexford
  • Carlow shopping centre– Carlow
  • Blackpool-cork
  • Waterford
  • Tralee
  • Fairgreen –Carlow
  • Newlands cross – Dublin
  • Redmond square – wexford
  • Showground’s – clonmel

All the products that we stock in the Hairspray range are synthetic hair and come in a wide selection of colours to suit most people, currently we stock the following:-

Curly and straight clip in- they come in all colours and give instant length and volume in minutes. Application – apply to dry hair; section the hair to where you want to put the extension in and back comb your own hair over it. Spray with hairspray to make the hair stiff so that the extension won’t slide off you own hair, when you have clipped in all the extensions gently spray the hair again, comb through your own hair and the extensions to blend them together and style as required.

Scrunchie –this technique will give an instant up-style in minutes. Application –tie your hair up in a bobbin & once all your hair is tied up place the scrunchie over your own hair and tie it around 3 times and clip it into place to make sure that is it secure, I would always back come my own hair before tying it up so that it blends into the scrunchie and looks full.

Hair bun – tie your hair in a bobbin and place the bun over it and clip it into place to make it more secure, this gives a very sleek finish to the hair

Clip in Fringe – this can change your look in seconds. Application – bring your hair in the front over to the side and clip to secure it, place the fringe half way between your hairline and the crown off your head, clip it into place and blend your own hair around it

PONYTAILS –  tie your hair into a high ponytail and place the Hairspray ponytail over it, wrap the loose piece off hair around the bobbin and clip it into place, celebrities rocking this style – Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger

Fishbone Ponytail- to be honest the best way to apply this is to watch the link posted up on the hairspray page as it would sound so much harder than it is if I was to start to explain it. Celebrities rocking this look – CHERYL Cole and Tess Daly, this is a huge look at the moment from celebs wearing it to al the debs girls everyone is rocking this look. Important- don’t wash or blow dry this product as it will loosen the effects.

Donuts – the donut is so easy to use and create a very high  fashion in minutes, just tie your hair up into a bobbin and place the donut over it. Backcomb your hair and then smooth it down over the donut and clip into place to make it secure, this is a def star buy everyone should have a donut!!!

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Enjoy everyone!

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