Follow The Bride – Makeover with Sam McCauley’s

by Samantha Hancox – our Beautiful Bride


So we only have a few days left to go! We can now see a long-term projection as to what the weather will be like and all of the family are coming home ready for Our Wedding Day! We are very excited!

On Friday 20th July Sam McCauley invited Michelle, Lisa and I into Redmond Square, Wexford to have a makeover. We were asked to chose between Benefit, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clarins and Clinique. I chose Benefit , Lisa chose Lancome and Chelle chose Clarins. We were all a little nervous and excited all at the same time! We were nervous as we knew we would be sitting at a counter in the shop floor! None of us had ever had our make-up done this way before but it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience!

Our fears were soon put to ease! The ladies who did our makeovers were so lovely and accommodating we forgot we were on the shop floor to be honest. I felt very comfortable and it was great fun. The make-up took about half an hour or that to apply. The mascara from the Benefit range impressed me so much that I bought it! I was also advised that if you get your make-up applied at a counter in Sam McCauleys for 20euro you can buy a product from that counter with the original cost of 20 euro being redeemable. What an offer!!! This is is certainly something I will be treating myself to the next time I am heading to Sam McCauley’s to stock up on my collection of products!! I would definitely recommend the beauty counter for make-up application for anyone who has a special night out; a special family occasion or even just advice on how to apply your make-up to get that certain look you love! The service is excellent and the range of products seems endless! Thank you Ladies in Redmond Square!


Sam McCauley’s also informed me that I will be receiving a range of treatments in their Salon! I can’t wait for the pampering. I will be trying the full body scrub the day before our wedding just in time for our honeymoon, eyebrow threading and tinting, full body wax (Ouch!!) and the Guinot Liftosome Facial!

I had the facial on Monday and I cannot say enough about it! It was unreal and the results are fantastic! This facial is full of vitamin C which helps plump out the skin which in turn removes small lines. This treatment is so relaxing and a great way to escape the worries and stresses of every day! Firsly, the serums and creams are applied to the skin, then a thin sheet of gauze is applied over the face (almost like a baby wipe) there are holes cut in this to breath. A thick mask is then applied over the gauze to set. While this mask is setting the mask of vitamin enriched goodness underneath is heating up and you can feel your skin soaking in the nutrients!! It is so lovely. While the mask is setting Michelle massaged my arms and hands, chest and head. This in itself was really relaxing. I think because the mask was so dark and heavy – it felt like forced relaxation in a way. You couldn’t peek even if you wanted to!!! I loved it! Michelle recommended that a facial should be done every 6-8 weeks and I will definitely be going back for this one! My Skin has been positively glowing since the treatment. It seems to have removed any blemishes and uneven skin tone. Two other poeple I know are going for this treatment simply because of the results they saw on me!

A big thanks to Michelle. She was fantastic at what she did. I could tell she had a passion for her work which always makes the difference I think! She offered great advice about my skincare regime and was in general a lovely friendly person! Can’t wait til Tuesday!! Cheers Michelle!!


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