The Nikon S9300 Camera by Craig Lucas

I recently got to spend a little time with Nikon’s latest Super-zoom, the S9300.

My first impression was good; the camera is nicely sized, small enough to fit in a coat pocket, yet large enough that it isn’t fiddly. I never felt that I was about to drop the S9300 like I would with many smaller cameras. The ridge on the front and the rubber pad on the back, help in this regard.

The finish is good, and like most Nikon’s all the controls are right where you would expect them to be.

Using the S9300 is simple and intuitive, and I was extremely impressed with the 18x Optical Zoom and the large, bright, high resolution LCD screen. The lens zips in and out fairly quickly and at the telephoto end it’s great for those candid moments, like when the kids are playing in the garden and you don’t want to disturb them.

The camera is quite capable for basic wildlife shots too. At the wide end, the angle of view is very useful for interiors, sweeping landscapes and large groups. Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction really works, with little motion blur even at full zoom

The 3 inch LCD screen was bright and clear in all but the most extreme sun-light. Even then, I could still make out the outlines of the subject and managed to capture some nice photos.

There are some great preset special effects available. I particularly liked Selective Colour which turns the image black and white except for the colour you select. This looks great in the right situation. HDR mode was good too though be aware that this can be hard to find and only looks good with strong backlighting, the effect can be a bit harsh in normal situations.

Other features which I didn’t get to use fully were:

  • Motion Panorama
  • Auto Composite Night Shooting
  • Full HD Movie Mode
  • GPS Logging and electronic compass
  • Eye-Fi card support
  • High speed shooting up to 6fps

All in all I was very impressed with Nikon’s latest Super-zoom, the S9300.


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