Sam McCauleys *TOP 5* Gradual Tanners

Us ladies have been doing our research over the past few weeks here in the Sam McCauley office, to try and find the perfect tan!

(Fake of course, have you seen our sun lately!?… Us neither)

Some of us wear fake tan regularly, while others, not so much. We’ve tried instant wash-off tans, tans that last longer, and gradual tanners. Well, now that it’s the summer, and many of you have holidays coming up, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about our favourite Gradual Tanners that we have in stores.

Gradual tans are great as they don’t only give you a Mediterranean bronzed glow, but they are also moisturizing and good for your skin. With the gradual tans, you can top it up on your skin either every day, or for lazy people like me, every second day, especially after a shower. You have control of your tan and you can achieve the perfect summer glow that you want.

See our list of our TOP 5 Gradual Tanners…


All of these gradual tanners mentioned are fantastic and we gladly recommend any one of them! Have you tried any of these products yourself? Would you have a suggestion or recommendation of your own favourite self tanners?

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