*HAIR CARE SPECIAL* Sleep-In Rollers, Tried & Tested!!

Last week, Breda Cahill from Sam McCauleys, Manorwest Shopping Centre, Tralee, tried & tested the very anticipated SLEEP-IN ROLLERS (Velcro Rollers you can actually sleep-in. Yes you heard right!). Read what she thought about these beauties and learn her tips for creating the PERFECT Sleep-In Velcro Roller experience, giving that bounce to your hair!

‘Hey guys!! The Sleep In Rollers are really easy to put in and very comfortable to wear – as you can see I had them in all day, I even forgot that I was wearing them most of the time! I am an absolute product junkie and a few key products will ensure that you get the best possible results from these rollers.

These would be some of my tips:
1. Wash hair before you start. If you want a bouncy big hair look why not use a great volume shampoo such as John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner.

2. Blow-dry your hair until it’s ALMOST dry. Having your hair a little damp will give longer lasting results when you remove the rollers.

3. When putting them in it’s a good idea to vary the way you roll the rollers, clockwise and anti-clockwise – every second one for brilliant movement and volume.

4. It’s a good idea to use pins or even regular hair slides to secure the rollers in the hair and ensure they remain tight for the whole night.

5. Don’t forget to hairspray the strands of hair as you are rolling them!

6. When you have taken the rollers out and have achieved your desired style spray again!! Finally, use a pea sized amount of hair serum to finish the look with great shine. (Again, John Frieda do a great and reasonably priced serum.)

The longer you have the rollers in the bigger and better the effect, so if you want your style to last all day and all night put your rollers in the night before. They aren’t called Sleep-In Rollers for nothing – they are miles more comfortable to sleep in than regular velcro rollers!! But if you are stuck for time, (and I have tried this too) you can put the rollers in, again while hair is a little damp, and put the hair dryer on them for a while. Then leave them while you get ready and finally take them out when you are ready to head out for the night.

I went out Wednesday night after wearing my Sleep-In rollers at work for the day and had fantastic volume in my hair all night long!! So far I’ve bought three sets for myself and two friends and can’t recommend them highly enough!’

Thanks a million for trying these out Breda. The Sleep-In Rollers sound amazing, and easy to use!! What more do you need!? Find Sleep-In Rollers in a Sam McCauley Chemists near you for the special price of €20.49 this month, RSP €24.99!!


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