Georgina’s Fragrance of the Month…

Georgina is our fragrance expert at Sam McCauley Chemist, Redmond Square, Wexford. Every month she will bring you her TOP fragrance tips and tricks for men & women. Read May’s fragrance of the month – Love by Chloè for women & L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport for men…

Ladies’ Fragrance of the Month – Love Chloe

For Ladies who love the classic, musky scent of Chloe the original but are looking for something slightly different, Love Chloe is for you.  It combines the muskiness of Chloe with light, floral notes to give a softer scent but still with the unmistakable signature scent of Chloe the original.  And why not put this months’ fragrance Hint to the test with this fragrance as you get a FREE full size body lotion with every 30ml and 50ml edp purchase of Love Chloe, this month only.

30ml edp €50.22

50ml edp €66.09

(Body lotion available while stocks last)

Mens’ Fragrance of the Month – L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport

This refreshing new fragrance embodies the energy and vitality of a man.  Its freshness combined with just a hint of citrus gives a distinctive scent with a subtle undertone of strength.  Ladies you won’t want to let him go !!  Also available in stores at the moment is a FREE 30ml shower gel with every purchase of L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport of 50ml edt or above.

50ml edt €53.00

100ml edt €74.50

(Shower gel available while stocks last)

Fragrance Tip of the Month

To make any fragrance last longer on your skin use a body cream/body lotion – preferably one in the same scent as your perfume for best results.  Put your cream/ lotion on first then spray on your fragrance.  It will double the length of time your perfume lasts on you and therefore makes your bottle last longer as you use less.  You can also use the cream/ lotion on its’ own during the day to spare your perfume and as an option for people who can’t wear perfume as it is strongly scented.  It is worth noting that there is considerably more fragrance in a body cream than in a lotion.  Try this tip and you will see the difference in your perfume bottle!


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