It’s Beauty Tip Thursday!! DARE TO BARE YOUR FEET…

Summer is creeping up on us so it’s time to ditch those ugg’s and get our feet ready for summer footwear!!

There is nothing worse looking than seeing a perfectly fab pair of summer shoes on some one, and then seeing their feet… Shocking, hard skin, cracked heels and poor nail care! Like, come on people look after your feet! Most of us stand on them all day, ever day.

There are so many different products out there now so there is no excuse! for example:

  • Lamisil Once is perfect for athletes foot and it is a single dose treatment, just ask your pharmacist.
  • Compeed Overnight Cracked Heel Cream– 92%of women agreed that overnight it helped to improve the appearance of cracked heels and it fully repaired severe skin cracks in 4 weeks, consult your pharmacist.
  • Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment
  • Scholl Toenail Softener
  • Scholl Healthy Toe Nail Conditioner

And there are many more products available so there is no reason that people should be afraid to bare their feet this spring/summer.

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to EMJOI MICROPEDI, this product is amazing. It is advertised as ‘Beautiful Feet in Seconds’ as it safely removes the roughest of skin ‘in seconds’ leaving beautiful soft skin, and it really does work. I love it! It’s one of the best products that I have used.

It’s really easy to use as it comes with a blue and a pink roller. The Blue one is for coarse skin and the Pink is for buffing your skin, so you should use the blue first and then maybe the next day use the pink. All you have to do is move it around your foot and make sure not to leave it in the one area for too long as it may cause some sensitivity. Once you use this product, and trust me, you will have no problem showing off your feet.

I also think the perfect cream to complement this is the Clarins Foot Beauty treatment cream, as this helps to soften and smooth the skin. It contains Arnica that helps relieve the feeling of tired, heavy feet and also good for swelling.

Once you have the perfect pedicure feet why not add some colour and a bit of bling to your nails!? Bright nail colour is a hot trend this summer and Lancome have just launched some fab colours in the ROUGE IN LOVE trend. The varnish is long lasting, quick dry and gloss finish @ €17.50, they are a must have this summer. Or if you are looking for something different, why not try Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips! They are easy to apply and come in many different designs, or add some bling to your favourite nail colour with  NAIL BLISS BLING strips …. go on dare to be different and have some fun!!!

But then again, Why give yourself a Pedicure when someone else can do it for you? Come to our Sam McCauley Chemist Beauty Salons in Wexford, Enniscorthy, Waterford, Carlow and Cork. Relax and treat yourself as our professional beauticians will take very good care of your feet. See our price list and book your appointment online HERE




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