Everyone probably knows by now just how BIG a sensation eyebrows have become! All you have to do is look in a magazine or watch reality shows like TOWIE, now I personally think they take it way to far but I would be big on defining the eyebrows. As we talked last week about our eyes being one of our best features, why do so many of us not do the one thing that structures our face, opens up our eyes and can even take years off our face by shaping and defining our brows??

I would always recommend that you visit your local beautician to get your brows done professionally, since they are the people that have it down to a fine art. There are many different methods of hair removal such as waxing, tweezing and threading. Threading is a great way of hair removal as it does not affect the skin in any way. It is perfect if you wanted to get your brows done on a lunch break, as you wont be going back to work with everyone noticing  your red brows.

Sometimes people like to do a job on themselves and that is exactly what they end up doing… a bad job! Both of our eye brows don’t grow the same so it is hard to get them to match, you may stay plucking and the next thing is you have hardly any eyebrow left! And unfortunately your hair on your brows is the only hair that might never grow back!!!

If you are going to groom your brows yourself, try to work on both brows at the same time, like take a little from one and then move to the other and go back and forth.  When it comes to tinting your brows you should always go in and get them done. But be sure to get a patch test done first and wait 24hrs.

A little tip  to know how your brows should look is to:

  • Take a pencil and look straight in the mirror. 
  • Hold the pencil on the inner corner of the nose, straight up to the brows and look to see if there is any hair on the inner side of the pencil (This might be leading to a unibrow look). This is where your eyebrow should start. Now sometimes people have plucked away too much hair and they mightn’t be long enough so this is where you can pencil them in.
  • Then leaving the pencil at the side of your nose move the top of the pencil so that it is going over to the outer corner of the eye and up to the eyebrow, this is where the eyebrow should finish. Again if the brow is not long enough you should pencil it in.
  • Take your pencil and place it on the eye looking straight bring the pencil down along the pupil of the eye this is where the arch of the eye should be. When doing the arch of the eye don’t take too much hair away as you don’t want to be left with the NIKE sign over your eyes!!!

The same method can be used for pencilling in your brow if you are not sure of the shape. One big thing when picking a pencil is the colour! You want to match the colour of the root of your hair, this is the colour your brows should be.  Make sure when you have pencilled in the brow that you comb it through as you don’t want to see the product on the skin, you just want to see great results.

“Believe it or not but having a toothbrush (a clean one) to brush through after you pencil in your brows works perfectly.”

Now if you’re one of the lucky people who has full dark lashes and they don’t need penciling, do brush them through to remove any trace of make-up, and maybe use a small bit of your primer or your foundation on the brush to give a nice gloss finish.

Two products that I find great for lash definition are:

  1. Clinique Instant Lift for Brows – €17.00. This comes in 3 shades and it’s a double ended pencil with the colour pencil at one end and a highlighter on the other. When you apply to your eye brow bone it gives an instant eye lift effect!
  2. Clarins ‘Pro Palette’ Eye Brow Kit – €39.65 (While stocks last). This is a powder based kit that comes in 3 shades, it also has the brushes that you need AND a tweezers. This is a fab product, especially for any one who may be experiencing hair loss as it can have a very natural finish.

Trust me, when you start to define your brows you will never look back!!!


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