EXCLUSIVE: Lancome *Love your lips*

To celebrate the international success of the “Love your lips!” clip,

Lancôme is offering internet-users an exclusive song by the French group Brigitte


It only took a few days before Lancôme had the whole world totally “In Love” with its new buzz film, “Love your lips!” created for the launch of the Rouge in Love lipstick range. Imagined by New York-based producer Adria Petty, and put to music by the oh so French duo Brigitte, the clip has already clocked up over 3 million views. And this is just the beginning!

A showcase of style and creative daring, this mini-film offers a vision of ultra-modern glamour with zesty echoes of pop. Travelling from London to New York via Paris, it creates a dynamic colourful urban setting in which lips coloured in pink, red or violet all sing the same hit, specially written for Lancôme by Brigitte (Aurélie Maggiori and Sylvie Hoarau)*.

The kind of catchy music that women just love and instantly take to their hearts! The inspiration: the song “Oh La La,” a pop gem on Brigitte’s first album (“Et vous, tu m’aimes? », available on Itunes). The en vogue duo specially re-wrote the lyrics** for Lancôme. Result: a brand new hit now available to download for free from the brand’s sites. Either in a short phone ringtone version, or in the full version (60 seconds) for a digital MP3 player. “Love your lips!”

*Brigitte: Born out of the meeting of two unorthodox female French musicians and composers, Brigitte is the pop sensation of the moment! Launched in April 2011, their first album, “Et vous, tu m’aimes?” is today a big hit in France with over 150,000 copies sold. With their crystal-clear voices and finely crafted lyrics, Brigitte knows how to make us smile, dance and feel real emotion. Having already won over France, Brigitte is now preparing to make the whole world fall “In Love”!

“Love your lips!”

Come to me, baby come to me
Kiss my lips and linger close to me
Have your lip color, after you kiss me
I’m so Rouge In Love, baby don’t you see
Que c’est si doux. Oh la la, c’est si doux, doux, doux, doux, doux, doux

Eat my lips, baby please give me your kiss
Eat my lips, baby I’ll give you the kiss
Eat my lips, baby please give me your kiss
Hit my lips, baby I’ll give you the kiss

Doux, doux, doux, doux


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