Give your make-up bag a detox!!

Bacteria, The good v’s the BAD!!

Certain bacteria found on our skin and in our bodies are actually good for us. They cause no harm and they even help with our bodily functions, but then there are the bad kind, and unfortunately when applied to the skin they may cause conditions such as skin rashes and acne.  So, How would we be the ones applying these bad bacteria to our skin?? Answer is …. They may be living in our makeup bags!! Scary…

Studies have shown that the most common form of bacteria found in makeup is Staphylococcus Aureus or an easier word for this is, Staph. This form of bacteria can cause many different disease’s. Bacteria like to live in a nice humid environment, so think about the make-up bag you close up after every time you use it….

Everything carries bacteria. You may be aware of the most deadly product that everyone has, MASCARA, as we talked about in last weeks Beauty Tip,  but lets think about the other products at risk:

  • Foundations and moisture creams need to be closed tightly after using and stored in a cool area. The more air and moisture that gets into
    them the easier it is for the bacteria to grow.
  • Lip gloss – If this has a wand for application the same rules apply to this as mascara.

TIP: Lip and eye liner have a longer and maybe cleaner life span as these can be easily pared, and this will remove any bacteria on the surface of the product. But if you have had any kind of infection such as cold sores etc and you are any way in doubt, just bin it. 

  • Powders, eye shadows and blusher also have a
    long life but they start to dry out, making it very hard to get their original colour and hard to apply. But I still reckon if it is open more than 18 months, bin it.


TIP: Also check out the guidelines on all cosmetics. They will have an icon that looks like a lid being opened on a jar, and in that it will have something like 6m or 18m on it. This tells you how long you should keep this product for.

Wash your hands before you start to dip into your favourite moisture cream, you never know what little germs they pick up throughout the day and you don’t want to put them into any of your skincare products, germs would love that environment to live in.

Make up brushes should be cleaned regularly using an anti bacterial cleanser or washing them with warm water and a small amount of shampoo (Maybe use baby shampoo as it is very mild).

If any of your products start to separate, change colour or even smell you should bin them and replace them. Trust me it may end up costing you more in the long run. If you develop a skin condition there is no point in keeping something because it looks pretty and nice, when inside it is pure rotten!

So think about it, how many times do you wash or sanitize your hands?? Are you afraid to touch many surfaces when you are in certain public areas?? How many antibacterial cleaners do you have at home in your press??

Yet we are not paying attention to the one area that may be crawling with bacteria, and the worst thing is that we apply them to our skin, lips and eyes everyday…

Shocking! Maybe now you might reconsider using that mascara or foundation that you bought last year……..

So, now you have a great excuse to go shopping and replace those old beauty products! Who doesn’t love a good shopping session? Plus you have an excellent excuse for a good guilt free shop!

As L’Oreal says …. Because you’re worth it!!!!

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauleys Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.


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