Would you believe that a high percentage of women think facials are just for pampering? 
They don’t realise that regular facials help to reduce and refine pores, soften and improve the texture of your skin and, most importantly, they prevent the formation of wrinkles by impeding the aging process. Regular facials also help with acne and other skin disorders. In addition to their beneficial effects, facials are extremely relaxing. 
When preformed by professionals, facials are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.
Guinot Hydradermie
Your skin’s condition is a reflection of your body’s overall well-being and a mirror to your lifestyle. If facials are not currently a part of your overall lifestyle, then you may want to reward yourself with a little healthy pampering. You deserve it, and now is the perfect time to book a facial for yourself as all facials currently have 25% OFF for the month of January. 
So go on, treat yourself! Call your local Sam McCauley Beauty salon or book your appointment on-line at http://www.sammccauley.com/categories/beauty-salons-spas/2224.0

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